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Why Are Your Digital Files So Expensive?! | Virginia Newborn Photographer, Washington DC Newborn Photographer

I get this question often, often enough that I feel the need to educate the masses as to why I don’t sell all of the digital files/images from a session on a CD/USB for $200. I understand that there are photographers out there that do this and I’m sure they have their reasons, but I would like to talk about why I do not and why it is an investment to get some, or all of the images from your session with me on a USB.

To give you a little background information about me, I have a Bachelors degree in Marketing Management. I treat my business like a business and run it full time. I have a retail studio located in Old Town Leesburg, Virginia and love being a part of my local community of small business owners. I’m proud that I spent 10 years in the corporate world and was able to build my business to the point where I could leave my full time career and run my studio full time.


I’m not a photographer who decided to set up shop overnight to make some extra “fun money” while I stay at home with my children. I’m a working mother who pays for full time childcare for my children so that I can always be available to my clients and provide my clients with the best experience possible. My clients receive immediate sneak peaks, their online galleries are always released in a week, and their orders get shipped out fast. My customers are treated like they deserve to be treated, and their experience from session to delivery, is a positive one. I would not be able to offer this if I didn’t treat my job like a full time career.


I am priced so that I can not only cover all of my operating expenses, but also pay myself a salary after the state and federal government takes about 30% of what I bring in. I have been in business for nearly 6 years, in this 6 years I have established myself as one of the leading newborn photographers in the country. My work has been featured on TV, magazines and numerous online publications. I teach other photographers how to safely and beautifully pose and photograph newborns during the 4 workshops that I teach annually. I know how to safely and beautifully pose a newborn so that the finished shot is a work of art, not just your baby thrown on a blanket with no thought to body positioning, angle, and lighting. My studio is full of classic props, professional lighting and top of the line camera equipment so that your images will not only be beautiful, but flawless in quality. You aren’t paying for the USB, you are paying for the art that is on it and all the years and money I invested to be able to produce this art.


When you are presented your online gallery, those images have all been meticulously edited and retouched so that they are works of art. The digital files you purchase are ready to be printed as large or as small as you want. They are checked for color density, sharpness, contrast, and exposure so that while they might be just hung on the nursery wall, they could also hang in an art gallery. When you have these digital files, you have the ability to print them as many times as you would like for yourself, for family, for friends, etc. You can print canvases, make albums, large prints, small prints, make announcements, cards, your opportunities are endless. They are “expensive” because you have them forever in the digital format, where as when you purchase a finished print or canvas from me, yes you are getting a heirloom piece of art, but it’s one item that can’t be printed over and over. I love being able to offer clients both options, heirloom prints and products as well as the opportunity to own the digital files. I always tell clients to think about the day when your baby gets married, and how fun these would be to use in their wedding slideshow.


When doing your research on which newborn photographer to choose out of the hundreds that are out there, please don’t compare on price. There will always be cheaper options, but you  only get one chance to capture them while they are this new, tiny and beautiful. There are no re-dos for newborn photography sessions.  New babies quickly change and are usually only able to be artfully posed in the first few weeks.


When you think about the investment of newborn photography these images are something you will have forever, unlike a new plasma tv or laptop that will be outdated in a few years. You will look back on those first few weeks of your baby’s life and barely remember much beyond the late night feedings and lack of sleep, but capturing your little miracle in professional newborn portraits at Little Moon Photography will freeze all of the beautiful little things you want to remember forever. Don’t miss out on capturing those fleeting first few weeks in your child’s life, it is well worth the investment!

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