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A Baby Brother | Virginia Newborn Photographer

I was so excited me meet one of my favorite little guy’s sibling last week and even more excited to find out if it was a brother or sister. It’s a boy, a big one, who weighed in at almost 10 pounds. He was a delight to photograph and I was so excited to get a sibling shot of the two of them, getting a 17 month old to lay still next to a newborn is no easy feat.;-)

Mom used to rock her baby dolls in this bed, I am so glad she brought it to incorporate into our session to put her real baby doll in.

Congratulations again A & K, he’s darling!

Day 8 | Virginia Newborn Photography

Loved this little guy! 8 days old with a FULL head of hair!

I mean seriously, is he not one of the cutest newborns you’ve ever seen?!

Congratulations G fam, he’s perfect!!

10 Day Old Beauty | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

Sweet Audrey was a feisty little one for her first photo session but was still a darling little model. She has so much thick hair that I refused to cover it.

Her skin was so creamy and perfect.

She gave us some great peaceful, awake time, she has the most beautiful eyes.

I adore this photo of her with her Mama, those first few weeks as a new Mom are so blissful and I think this captures that.

Snug as a bug in a rug.:-)

And I caught a lot of smiles this session, here’s one.

Congratulations F family!

Cherry Blossom Cutie | Virginia Baby Photographer

Last time I saw this little dude he was only 7 days old! He’s now the cutest little 15 month old who I got to photograph yesterday among the amazing cherry blossoms in Washington DC. It was quite an adventure getting down there, we had an amazing day of weather and the blossoms are at their peak, so millions of other people also decided to join us. It worked out great, L was such a joy to photoraph and I absolutely adore the images I got for them.

When I saw that L was dressed in a seersucker suit and bow tie, I squealed, how cute is that?!

You would never know there were mobs of people down at the tidal basin, we found lots of little pockets to shoot in.

And this is the perfect Washington DC family photo.

So pretty.

It was so great seeing you guys again yesterday, thank you for being so patient!

A s k   M e   A n y t h i n g