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Our Beach Vacation Photos | Alexandria Virginia Family Photographer

I can’t believe it’s been well over a month and I have neglected to blog the images I took while we were on vacation in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. We went down with the same family we go with every year and had an amazing trip. The boys swam until their fingers and toes couldn’t get any more pruned, and every inch of them was sand logged. I lucked out again this year and got a sibling shot that I adore and I love seeing them grow up before my very eyes (and lens).

Dear Reed | Northern Virginia Baby Photographer

Dear Reed, you recently turned TWO WHOLE YEARS OLD! I say recently because it was a few weeks ago and Mommy is just getting around to writing this. You will get used to having a Birthday in the middle of Mommy’s busy season, I would not have planned it that way but apparently you really wanted to surprise us. You still remain the best surprise we’ve ever received. This year has flown by and you have changed SO much from last year.

To say that you light up our lives would be a total understatement, you are the happiest, most laid back little dude ever. I’ve never met a child/toddler that loves to sleep as much as you do. I lay you down around 7 and have to go wake you up around 8am every morning. You always rub your eyes and greet me with the biggest smile and scream “mommmy”! Some mornings you wake up a little earlier but you love to just lay around in your crib and relax. I often find you “chillin” in your crib with your jammies half unzipped. It’s the cutest thing I think I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure you will be sleeping in your crib for life, or until we kick you out. By the time your brother was 18 months old he had climbed out and we had to convert it to a toddler bed. I’m pretty sure you could climb out if you wanted to, but you seem quite happy and content in there.

(iPhone images)

You have personality from your head to your toes but let’s start with the top of your head. Reed, you have the most amazing fro I’ve ever seen on a kid. One day it’s nice and straight, one day tight curls and the next a complete puffy fro. I love it, and it fits you so well.

You have amassed a rather large vocabulary, way more than your brother had at this age, but your favorite word to use recently is “no”. Well, that and Elmo, Mommy, ewwwww, uh oh, Daddy, and anything food related, pizza is a favorite.

The two’s have hit in full force, you definitely have a little temper and love to let it be known when you are not happy about something. You can start crying on a dime, and then throw yourself on the ground thrashing like a limp noodle. Luckily, you are still easy to distract and get over your tantrums rather easily. I’m sorry if I find your tantrums funny Reed, it probably does not help the matter.

You are a Mama’s boy and when you are tired, the only thing you want is to be held by me. I will always drop whatever I have and snuggle you because I know how fleeting these moments are, there will come a day where you will want nothing to do with me. I cherish every hug and open mouth kiss I get from you.

You are still a meatball and you are definitely a happy eater and not picky. Your favorite foods are fruit (any kind), pizza, any kind of kid snack, ketchup (you lick the ketchup off anything I give you, I almost regret introducing you to it), ice cream, cheese, ham, any veggie… The list goes on, I haven’t seen a food you don’t like. You are 34 pounds and 36.5 inches tall, we grow them big in our house!

You pretty much worship your big brother and follow him wherever he goes. You are also very patient whenever he steals your stuff or gets mad when you take his stuff. You didn’t even get mad when he put the “no Reed” sign on his door. He lights up your world and I know he loves playing with you too, even if he’s not always super nice to you. You love copying whatever he says or does, this can be super cute and entertaining or super annoying when it involves high pitch screeching. I love that you guys are buddies, it was the reason I was so thrilled to find out you were a boy.

You guys spend so much time outside playing in the playset in our backyard, I’m so glad you guys love being outdoors as much as Daddy & I do.

I love you so much I get teary eyed just thinking about it. You and your brother have made my life complete in a way I never thought was possible. Your laid back, sweet demeanor balances out with Carter’s crazy, wild personality perfectly. Your belly laughs and sweet little voice makes me smile instantly and I’m so thankful you are ours.

Happy Birthday sweet boy, you can stop growing up now…

Beach Portraits | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

As promised, here are the photos from our beach vacation. I always make it a point to take family and kid portraits while we are down there and I truly treasure these images as the years go by. Such an amazing trip and I’m so blessed to have amazing people in my life.

We always vacation at the same house (it’s my Dad’s) and with the same friends. They live in New Jersey so we don’t get to see them much during the rest of the year, but I truly treasure spending time with them at the beach.

Here are all of the kids, my boys & their girls.

We spent a lot of time doing this, my kids sprouted fins while there.

This sweet baby boy (can I still call him a baby at 21 months?) loves the water.

And my first baby, who will be 5 in just a month, can now swim unassisted under water. I’m amazed at how fast he’s picked up on swimming, it was just a few years ago when he was afraid of the pool & ocean and now he’s like a fish.

We did a little boating adventure on The Sound one of the days and the kids were able to learn about all of the animals that thrive in the sound, go fishing, crabbing, eeling and drive the boat!

Yes, I probably should have rubbed the sunscreen in on his face a little better.;-)

It’s near impossible to take a good photo of these 4 crazy little ones.


I can’t believe how much these girls have grown up since I last saw them last year!

I am completely in love with this image of my two boys.

Love this family!

And so happy I was able to get a photo of my family that I adore.

I smother this face with kisses non-stop.

Can’t help myself!

Carter’s new favorite job? Being my assistant!

Love evening beach light!

Already looking forward to heading back to the beach house in September with my photo girls!!

They Grow Up So Fast! | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

What I love about our beach trips is that we got to the same house every year, it’s my Dad’s home so it’s home to us as well. We take photos at the same place every year (our dune deck stairs) and it’s so much fun looking back at the images taken throughout the years.

First up, Mr. Carter. From right to left to right he was 1, 2, 3 and this year 4! It’s crazy that in the first image he was the same age as Reed is now.

Next Reed, since he’s only 1, we only have last years image taken at 8 months and this years shot at 20 months.

The sibling shots, this years shot is my all time favorite image ever. I plan on printing it huge in our new home, I love it.

Our amazing friends from New Jersey join us every year at the beach house, we have so much fun and the kids love playing together. It’s been a blast watching Kate & Abby grow up as well. We missed one year due to scheduling issues with the school year (when Carter was 2 and I was pregnant with Reed) but we are already planning next year’s trip.:-)

I miss hearing the ocean at night now!

Vacation Instagrams | Northern Virginia Baby Photographer

We are finally back from vacation, we could not have asked for a better 12 days down in Duck, NC (Outer Banks). The weather got pretty hot towards the end of the trip but we still enjoyed as much beach & pool time as possible. The kids have become little fishes in the water, Carter can now swim completely under water and across the pool without using his Puddle Jumper. Reed is fearless when it comes to the ocean, he’d run right into the waves, get knocked down and give the biggest belly laugh.

I have been obsessed with Instagram for a year and a half now and I’ll be honest when I say that most of my candid snaps are taken with my Iphone so Instagram is a fun little program to fancy up those cell phone photos. I have lots of real photos to share as well that I need to edit but I love these just as much.

From L to R, top to bottom: Reed getting knocked over, boys swimming, first beach cocktail, Carter protecting Reed from the waves, first morning at the beach, yummy corn on the cob, sleeping on the long drive, playing on the beach and amazing sunset.

Carter body surfing, Daddy & his boys, Mommy getting beach snuggles, morning swim with Mommy, beach naps rule, snuggling my cool dude (can you tell Reed is going through a clingy Mommy phase?), beach workouts, Carter jumping waves with his friends, Reed & his ball.

Duck’s 4th Parade, being cheesy & romantic with our husbands, bucket head, poolside arts & crafts, kids free dinner and night out, the best wedge salad ever, kids with auntie Marie, beach buns, Abby paddle boarding.

Another kids free night out (!!!!), another amazing sunset, scallops, my 4th of July baby, our boating adventure, Mommy & her boys on the boat, more art, Carter on a boat, my all time favorite drink called an “Orange Yum Yum”.

Cuddling my Carter on the dune deck waiting on the fireworks, Carter & Abby paddle boarding, meet Crabby our newest pet hermit crab, 4th of July steamer bucket of deliciousness, Kerry & I after dinner and drinks by the sound, all the kids at the 4th parade, Carter driving the boat, sunset, and celebrating Abby’s 4th Birthday with a cake.

It was an amazing & perfect family vacation but it’s also nice to get back to reality and work.:-)

A s k   M e   A n y t h i n g