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New for 2016, Mini Newborn Sessions! | Leesburg Virginia and Washington DC Newborn Photographer

New for 2016, this hour long session is perfect for the clients that want amazing newborn images without all the bells and whistles of a full newborn session. Mini newborn sessions include 2 portrait setups with multiple poses and shots per setup, 10-15 images on a USB, & 3 mini accordion albums. Newborn mini sessions do not include sibling or family images and must take place in the studio on a weekday.

There will be a limited number of Newborn Minis booked per month so book today if you are interested!

leesburg virginia newborn photographer

Lighting Tips: Adding A Second Light | Virginia Maternity Photographer

As most of you know, I’m kind of obsessed with studio lights. I spent my first 3 years in business as a “natural light snob”, terrified of lights/flash only because I was completely intimidated by it’s complexity, and worried it would make my work look “flashy” and “unnatural”.  Once I moved into my studio space and decided to give studio lights a try 3 years ago, I’ve grown to love studio lights and would never go back to only shooting natural light again. As a professional photographer, I think it’s important to master all light, natural and artificial, to be well rounded and set yourself apart from your competition.

I’ve spoken at length about how to use one light in newborn photography here, here, which have also been published over on WestottU here, and here. Now I’m going to tell you how you can add a second light to your lighting arsenal and why it rocks. I’m here to tell you, if I can figure this out, anyone can. I’m by no means a true lighting master, but I’ve learned to see the light and how it can be used to sculpt and transform your portraits from ordinary to extraordinary.

For newborn work, I do love how I can control the shadows with one light, but when shooting parents against a dark backdrop, which I often do, or shooting dramatic maternity portraits, I knew I needed a little something else. Enter the small but mighty 18″ x 24″ Bruce Dorn Asymmetrical Travel Stripbank. I love that it’s small, easy to fold up and put together fast, and easy to change from a 2nd fill light to a main light by just switching out the 3 diffusion panels it comes with. The asymmetrical feather feature of the light is extra awesome when using it for dramatic studio maternity portraits.

If you are using the AB400 from Paul C Buff (which is the light I already owned), you will need an adapter ring from Westcott so that the softbox easily fits right over the light. You will also need another heavy duty light stand, a boom arm would be helpful in this situation, but I was able to get the light up high enough and angled down with just using a standard heavy duty light stand without the boom.

For all of these examples, I’m using my Einstein Light inside my Westcott 50×50 Softbox as my main light and then added my AB400 inside the 18×24 Stripbank for my 2nd hair light. Adding a second light is easy, especially if you already have one light wirelessly triggered. When push the shutter button on your camera and fire off your main strobe, your 2nd light will also fire without any additional triggers on slave.

Please do not laugh at my horrible drawing/diagram skills, I’m pretty sure it looks like my Kindergartener did it, but I assure you, this was all me.;-)

First up, I had my main light feathered out in front and the hair light positioned above and behind the subject to light my subject more traditionally. Both lights are on the same side, both camera right.


I adore how I’m still getting beautiful shadows in her face, but her hair and body are being lit from behind so there’s more separation from the dark backdrop.


For the next example, I know I wanted some more dramatic lighting to accentuate her gorgeous pregnant belly so I pulled my main light inside the 50×50 softbox BEHIND the subject along with the stripbox still above lighting her hair to get this look. Both lights are still on the same side, both camera right, but the 50×50 main light is pulled behind the subject, as opposed to in front, feathered.



In the first image, I loved it, but I wanted to light the belly from the front so I pulled my main light out front and to the other side and had my stripbox lighting her from behind and above. The 2nd light (which I powered up a bit more from the shots above) now acted not only as a hair light but as a nice fill light. Now I have the lights on each side, main light camera left and stripbox camera right.

Here’s a pullback from that setup:

And some shots with that setup, you can see that even with 2 lights on opposite sides of the subject, I’m still getting nice shadows by pulling the 2nd light more behind the subject with the main light feathered in front.


Virginia Maternity Photographer

Here you can see what the above setup, two light’s on opposite sides, looks like on a lighter backdrop:

To give you an example at how much of a difference the 2nd light makes, I took one shot with it on (with the 2 light setup as shown in the pullback above) and then turned the hair light OFF and used just the 50×50 feathered in front.

With hair light:
Virginia Maternity Photographer

WITHOUT hair light:

The shot without the hair light is still dramatic and beautiful, but I love how the 2nd light adds that little extra behind her so that there isn’t as much darkness on her back shoulder/hair. I could have also had my subject turned towards the light and gotten the look like the first shot, with the belly more lit.

Next, I decided to do more dramatically back lit images with the lights still on both sides sculpting their pregnancy curves, I placed the main light behind the front of the subject and had the hair light above and behind the subject to add some fill to the opposite side and light their hair. I LOVE this look.



In the above shots, with both lights BEHIND my subject, but still on each side of her (main light camera left, stripbox on camera right) I’m using the lights to form a rim of light around both sides of my subject which illuminates their shapes perfectly and dramatically.

Here are a few examples of using only one light in the 50×50 softbox. In this situation I was using a wall in my studio to pose my subject and did not have room to throw in the 2nd hair light. First here’s the light pulled behind the subject:

And then here it is pulled in front of the subject, feathered:

In my last example, I wanted to show you the difference adding a 2nd light adds to lighting parent and newborn shots against a black backdrop. This client had black hair which blends into the backdrop here lit without the hair light:


Here’s the same shot, except with the 2nd “hair light” turned on behind and above the subject which helps light her dark hair and makes her pop more from the black backdrop:

I hope these examples give you inspiration to go out and try new things with lighting! I cover newborn lighting extensively during my in-person newborn workshop and am now taking students for my October class, May’s workshop is already sold out.

As always, I’m always happy to answer questions in the comments of his blog post, via email (, or on my busy Facebook Page.


Calling all Pregnant Mamas! Blizzard Babies! | Leesburg Virginia Newborn Photographer


I’m betting this fall is going to be busy in my little studio with all the winter weather we’ve had, including the big 18 inches of snow we had right before Valentine’s Day.

Who will be the first to book their newborn session with a 2014 blizzard baby?!! First “blizzard baby” newborn booking get’s their session fee free. Even if you are not the first, end of summer and fall is going to be very busy so make sure you book in advance if you want a newborn session, I hate having to turn clients away when I’m booked up.

The photos above are from our big February 2010 blizzard and my sweet little Reed, which was a result of that blizzard. I have a soft spot for blizzard babies.;-)

* to win, your newborn must be due around November 7th 2014.
* all other products and digital files from your session can be purchased separately and are not included in this promotion.

New for 2014! | Reston Virginia Newborn Photographer

Now offering Mini Milestone Sessions for all Little Moon clients who also book a Newborn Session. Do not let that 6-8 month stage get away without capturing it with photos! Email for more info:

Haymarket Virginia Newborn Photographer

Haymarket Virginia Newborn Photographer

Glowing Christmas Tree Photos – A How To | Leesburg Virginia Baby Photographer

I have a confession, we’ve always had colored lights on our tree for the past 10 years. This year I decided to make the switch to white lights. Why you ask? So I could take photos like this of my boys with our tree:


I had tried it in the past with the colored lights but it doesn’t really work well. I had a few questions on my Facebook page asking how to achieve this look and I promise you, you do not have to be a pro to do it.

1. You need a camera that you can operate on manual settings, a digital SLR is best.

2. Wait until it’s dark outside and turn off all the lights in the house.

3. Dress your kids in adorable, matching Christmas jammies.;-)

4. Bribe your children with chocolate and cookies to stand very still and hold hands in front of the tree. It looks better if they are facing the tree gazing in Christmas wonder.

5. Set your ISO high, mine was at ISO1600, next time I’d crank it even higher, this is what my SOOC (straight out of the camera shot looked like, had I upped the ISO a bit, it would have let even more light in. I was able to fix it in Photoshop to brighten things up a bit though. Just crank that ISO as high as possible.

The SOOC shot:

6. I was using my 24-70 2.8L zoom lens so that I could get all of our massive 12 foot tree in the frame so I set my F stop as wide as it went which is 2.8, pick the lowest number your lens goes.

7. Here’s the trick to get the lights to glow, you want a slow shutter speed, mine was at 1/15. I had the camera balanced on a bar stool to minimize camera shake but a tripod would have been handy if I wasn’t too lazy to drag it out.

That’s it! Just ask your kids to be still and shoot away. I played with mine a little in photoshop but not much.

Christmas magic.

A s k   M e   A n y t h i n g