Sitting Pretty | Northern Virginia Baby Photographer

Oh how I’ve loved watching Miss B grow up this year and we are only halfway there! Today we met up at a park and downtown Leesburg for her 6 month session and big girl is now sitting and SO, SO happy. I seriously had a smile on my face the entire time.

I’m SO not kidding when I say I had a hard time picking just a few for her sneak peek but here you go…

LOVE her little tongue sticking out when she smiles.


I pretty much love everything about this photo.

And this one. I found a little secret garden in the middle of downtown.

And I present to you the most photogenic family in America. Seriously, they never take a bad photo.

Pretty much the

R family, always fun hanging out with you guys, thanks for being so flexible and up for anything.:-)See you all in 3 months!

Beth - Can you say, “Holy bokeh batman!!!” WHOA! Amber, these are seriously gorgeous! The bokeh is amazing!! I assume you were shooting wide open? Alright, I’ll stop drooling now! Great job!

shannon - these are gorgeous!! what a wonderful location. she is so adorable!

Rachel Loth - wow, they really are very photogenic! gorgeous shots – the park you were in is just perfect!

kim schmidt - She is a stylist baby that’s for sure. All of these are beautiful Amber

AUBRY C - you are right…. they are so beautiful! great captures….

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