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Ho, Ho, Holiday Cards | Newborn Photographer

So it appears that September has literally come and gone in the blink of an eye and the weather is quickly turning crisp and fall-like. I am completely booked for sessions this fall with only a few weekday spots open in November so if you are looking to get photos for Christmas gifts and cards, act NOW. Things are going to get very hectic around here in just a few weeks so keep your eye out on this blog for LOTS of fall sneak peeks.:-)

In other news, I have finalized all of my Christmas/Holiday Card designs this year and am SO excited about them. These are all folded 5×7 cards printed on a thick, linen textured card stock featuring YOUR gorgeous photos. All text and colors can be tweaked to your liking and they come with either cream or white envelopes.

Here are just a few of this year’s designs, just drop me an email if you want to see them all:


A Session Slideshow!

I haven’t shared one of these in a while so I figured I’d come back and share more of the adorable Miss S who I photographed last weekend for her First Birthday. I really enjoyed this entire session and hope you do too.:-)

Have a great weekend!

Amazing Weekend of Photography | Virginia Newborn Photographer

Last weekend down in the Outer Banks was absolutely perfect. We had a group of awesome girls and not only did we all learn a lot of new photography tips and tricks we also built what I feel are lifelong friendships. I can’t think all of them enough for traveling from afar to make it what it was. I am already looking forward to next year!!

A few fun photos from the weekend, figured I’d share these since I already shared the workshop session photos…

The night we arrived it was rainy with hurricane force winds, we were NOT hopeful for a nice weekend weatherwise. We woke up that Friday morning to the most amazing sight, blue skies and sunshine!

The girls enjoying the beach.

Our official drink of the weekend, Firefly (Iced Tea Vodka) mixed with Lemonade. Delish!!

We had fun that Friday night at sunset snapping photos of each other. As photographers we are RARELY in front of the camera so it’s so nice to have photos of yourself for once.


The beautiful Shey of Shey Marin Photography.

I love this shot of Kerri of Kerri Mathis Photography.

And here’s the beautiful Amy from Amy Ro Photography.

Kristina of Kristina Young Photography is showing us her “your a tiger” pose in the surf. Guess you had to be there.;-)

Pretty lady Laura from Laura Renee Photography. She got the award for coming the furthest all the way from Oregon!

Adorable Kim of Kim Schmidt Photography.

And the beautiful Andrea from Andrea Roberts Photography.

I’m missing a few of the girls but you get the idea. I seriously can’t wait to do this again soon!

Stylin’ | Northern Virginia Baby Photographer

Little man is getting SO big! Seriously, someone tell me where this year has gone? Today was A’s 9 month session although I think he’s technically 10 months now. SUCH a sweet little boy and did such a good job with his photo shoot even with a missed nap. As always, his Mama sure knows how to dress him.

Some favs…

I seriously love their wooden Eames chair, as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to use it.


Check out those baby rolls, so cute.

They just moved into a new home and I think their new neighbors thought I was INSANE making animal noises to get A to smile.

And Mom decided that she really wanted to capture him doing something he loves: EATING! Little dude can eat, let me tell ya! So cute.

So good seeing you all today A family, enjoy your long weekend!

My New Baby & FAQ’s

It’s a healthy baby MarkII!

I waffled a bit about going for the new 5D Mark II considering how much I love my current 5D (the classic model) but I am SO glad I made the decision to buy it. The images coming right out of the camera have the richest colors, it’s focus is super fast, and it offers higher ISO ranges which is a MUST have when you are an on-location natural light photographer. My favorite lens (the 85 1.2) and this camera perform magic together, it’s seriously awesome and let me show you why.

Here’s a photo straight out of the camera (SOOC) meaning I’ve done no editing to the raw or jpg file. Look how rich and vibrant the colors are and how sharp subject is yet how creamy and blurry the background is. This was shot at f/1.6 by the way…

And here’s an edited shot. All I did was brighten it a little, crop it, and do some boggie cloning:

I’m LOVING this camera! It has a ton of other features including HD Video which I haven’t had time to play with but I can’t wait to try it all out!

Okay, on to other things. I get a ton of emails every week asking me various photography questions. If there’s an interest, I’d love to do a FAQ post for the benefit for all to read (either potential clients or photographers alike). If you have a question for me, email me at and I’ll answer them all in a blog post soon.:-)

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