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Day 12 | Vienna Virginia Newborn Photographer

Today I met the sweetest baby boy who at 12 days old was the perfect little poser for me. I met this family over 2 years ago and I could not have been happier that they were adding a little boy to their family of two daughters.

As usual, I always say I’m going to try to share less for my sneak peeks but it’s near impossible for me.

Little monkey.

At over 8 pounds he has the perfect amount of chub.:-)


Congratulations A family, your newest addition is perfect!

Little Doll | Virginia Baby Photographer

Little Miss Lilly was such a charmer for her 6 month photo session! I got so many awesome smiles and adorable faces that it was near impossible choosing just a few for her sneak peek.

Here she is showing off her new skill of sitting unassisted!

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Mmmmm, hands taste good.

There was just the perfect amount of snow in the trees to make them beautiful. I also love her little bear suit.

L family, it was so nice meeting you, hope you enjoy your photos!

Tiny Times Two | Northern Virginia Newborn Twin Photographer

These sweet little boys were born 16 days ago and after a short stay in the hosptial came home this past weekend. I was SO excited to meet them and photograph them today and was so lucky to have Danielle there helping me. These little guys are nearly 5 pounds and more than likely identical! I’m not going to lie, it was hard telling them apart but thankfully Mom and Dad marked a toenail of one of them to help.

They were just so sweet and cuddly with each other. During this set up, they were both purring and it was the cutest thing ever.

If Dad thinks he has his hands full now, just wait until they are toddlers.;-)I believe both babies peed on Dad during this setup but he was a great sport.

Brothers hug!

I love mirror image shots and this one works perfect as a 10×20 crop.

And the gorgeous new family.

Congratulations again A family, your boys are just perfection!

Two Weeks New | Virginia Newborn Photographer

Don’t let this adorable sleepy face fool you…

sweet little E wins the award for the most alert newborn I’ve ever photographed!

But that’s okay, he was so calm and happy when he was awake.

I have a feeling he’s going to be one determined toddler in a few years.:-)

Congratulations K family, your son is a doll and I enjoyed spending time with all of you! Enjoy him!

BFFB | Aldie Virginia Newborn Photographer

BFFB = BFF’s Baby! I’ve known J since 8th grade so going on 20 years now (OMG, am I really that old?!) and she gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl 13 days ago! J is the one who introduced me to the awesome Danielle Hobbs of Danielle Hobbs Photography so it was the perfect opportunity for us to team up again and take photos of J’s newest addition.

Meet the gorgeous Miss M! She’s so happy to be here.

She’s just the sweetest 9 pound sack of potatoes.

It’s so fun busting out all of my girlie props.:-)

She was such a good model for us!

Congratulations again J & T, she’s just perfect!

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