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ONE | Virginia Baby Photographer

One of my favorite little guys is ONE already! Last I saw him he was 6 months old and I was massively pregnant. Today was a windy day but we made it outside to celebrate his Birthday with some photos.

SUCH a happy guy and so well dressed.

I love this one of him clutching onto his lovey.

Um does he not look like such a big boy here? It’s crazy.

Again, I adore the shots with his lovey.

So great seeing you all again C family, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

3 Weeks New | Washington DC Newborn Photographer

This guy is 3 weeks old today and SUCH a chunker. While on the older end of my typical “newborn” sessions he gave me some great sleepy time as well as some amazing eye contact when he was awake.

LOVE his little grin.

Chub wrinkles!

Beautiful lips.

Even awake he was a little poser for me.

Congratulations B family, your newest addition is perfect!

Birthday Boy! | Maryland Baby Photographer

Happy Birthday to Mason who I met a year ago at his newborn session. He is one of the happiest babies but also one of the fastest crawlers I’ve ever met, this little guy does not stop!

He loved the candle but wasn’t as into the cake.

He also has the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard.

But watch out, he’s FAST!!!

And will be walking full time any day now but I have a feeling he might just go straight to running.;-)

B family, it was great seeing you all today!

Baby Brother | Ashburn Virginia Baby Photographer

I got to photograph this little guy’s big sister throughout her whole first year and am so excited to be doing the same for her baby brother! I was supposed to do his newborn session but he was born two weeks after my son was born. Today I got to meet him for his 3 month session and was blown away at how much he looks like his big sister when she was the same age. Click here to see for yourself!

Sweet C is such a laid back little (big) guy.

His big sister is so good with him and was so well behaved for our session today.

She just turned 2 and is so cute, smart and funny.

Pretty sure this family NEVER takes a bad photo.

Who are YOU calling adorable?!

Yep, I am!

J & M, it was great seeing you all again today, you make beautiful children!

A s k   M e   A n y t h i n g