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1, 2, 3! | Ashburn Baby Photographer


My little Reed turned 3 months old yesterday! This month has been so much fun, he’s sleeping through the night (7:30 – 6am), smiling, cooing, laughing, grabbing at his toys, and has rolled over from tummy to back a few times. He’s the happiest, most laid back baby I’ve ever been around and I’m loving every second of being his Mom. His big brother lights up his world and seeing his big brother with him lights up mine.

I’m still trying to figure out where all of that brown spiky hair went, lol.

I’m pretty sure he’s storing nuts for the winter in those cheeks.

He totally sits back and takes in the world around him.

Happy 3 months little man, you have completed our family in more ways than you will ever know!:-)

2 Months! | Virginia Baby Photographer

Really? This was a month ago? Time is flying by and my little man turned 2 months old today, on MY 34th Birthday.

He’s such an awesome little dude and has changed so much in just a short month. He now lights up our world when he gives us gummy smiles and sweet coos and is sleeping 8 hours straight at night! I don’t think Carter slept 8 hours straight until he was 4 or 5 months. It’s funny how different each baby really is! This one is also still a great little nurser and is completely chunking up, my guess is that he’s well over 14 pounds now, maybe 15. I will find out tomorrow at his 2 month appointment.

I like to joke that he’s storing nuts for the winter in those cheeks.

He loves his Mimi (my Mom) so much and I have a feeling it’s mutual. Look at that neck control! He’s so close to rolling over, I’m sure that’s coming soon.

He also loves his big brother and enjoys watching everything he does.  His big brother loves him too, the first thing he wants to do in the morning is love on his baby brother.

He’s looking more and more like his Daddy every day. I thought juuuust maybe I’d get one that looks like me but I don’t think so.

He’s most definitely a laid back dude.

But not really a big fan of hats, after I put this hat on him our photo session was over, lol.

How did I ever get so lucky to have all of these awesome boys (big & small) in my life? I’m so, so blessed.:-)

1 Month! | Ashburn Virginia Newborn Photographer

How is it that my Reed is already one month, 33 days old?! He’s such a laid back baby, he loves to nurse, sleep and is starting to really wake up and look around at everything around him. He’s a big boy, much chunkier than my Carter was. Last week he was already 10 pounds and according to the pediatrician in perfect health.

Here are a few recent photos of my little men.

I have a feeling this is the end of the sleepy photos of him, he is really more alert during the day and definitely not as bendy and flexible as he was a few weeks ago.

I can’t wait to see that little face light up with a smile!

Someone is going to have beautiful blue eyes like his brother and daddy.

His first monthly photo.:-)

My favorite little Hokie fans.

My crazy Carter.

Carter is definitely still adjusting to his new role but seems to love Reed. I think once Reed starts to interact more Carter will really start enjoying him, right now he just sees him as someone who’s taking up too much of Mommy’s attention.;-)

We are headed to the farm on Thursday for 4 days of fun so stay tuned for lots more photos! I’m also sneaking out of maternity leave to do a newborn session for a favorite past client while there, I can’t stay away from work long it seems.

My Boys | Virginia Newborn & Toddler Photographer

Despite a nasty case of mastitis I was determined to get a few shots of Carter with Reed today, I really wanted at least one good one for the birth announcement. Not sure if I’ve mentioned on here before but taking photos of your own kids (newborn excluded) as a photographer is pretty much mission impossible. Usually Carter won’t even look at the camera when I want him to but today I had a trick up my sleeve that actually worked! I was able to get a bunch of keepers and am SO excited!

Carter at 3 years 2 months and Reed at 17 days old.

I am so proud of my big boy, he has taken to this big brother thing so well! I love seeing him kissing Reed and loving on him.

I am one lucky Mama!:-)

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