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10 Months | DC Area Baby Photographer

Only two months away from turning one! Just looking at last months shots I can’t believe how much he’s changed, he’s sprouted curls on his head.

And don’t even get me started on looking back at those first few months when he was a teeny baby, omg.

Reed is over 25 pounds now and is very mobile. He’s a super fast crawler and has started walking behind a push-toy. I predict he’ll be walking  before he’s one.  He’s way more adventurous than Carter ever was, we never needed to baby proof our toilets but apparently Reed thinks splashing around in them is fun. *gag*

He’s also got quite the little baby attitude, if you take something away from him that he’s not supposed to have you get an instant tantrum like this:

But most of the time he’s all giggles.

He still has NO teeth which seems crazy to me but I can feel them coming in, so maybe soon? He has no problem eating without them and I do enjoy that gummy, no-tooth smile.

He’s also learned how to give kisses and clap his hands. The kisses thing is great except when he’s got a cold and gives you these huge open-mouth kisses and you get his cold. Still so worth every single slobbery kiss.

I seriously treasure every single night that it’s just him and I in his room and I rock him to sleep and read to him. I love how he grabs my face and arms as he’s drifting off to sleep and buries his fat little cheeks into the crook of my arm as he closes his eyes.

How is it that my own baby gives me baby fever? Love him and am so blessed that he’s ours.

9 | Ashburn Virginia Baby Photography

Reed Wilson, you are 9 months old now! If I could push pause right this second and keep you this age, I would. You are crawling all over the place and pulling up on anything and everything. It’s keeping us on our toes but you are so curious and fun I can just see those little cogs in your head turning as you figure new things out and ponder your next move.

I look back at those first 3 month photos and can’t believe you were ever that small. You now weigh 23 pounds, are 30 inches long and have a big head. You are in the 90th percentile for everything and are a little ahead of the curve development wise. The doctor seems to think you will be walking before your 1st Birthday and I am hoping that is not true.

You rock all table foods and will eat anything we put in front of you even with zero teeth in that mouth. Your favorite foods are blueberries and watermelon. You are the easiest, happiest, most laid back baby ever and I thank god every day for that.

You love to play with all of your toys and you also try to steal big brother’s toys, much to his dismay. You worship the ground he walks on and he’s starting to really play with you. There’s nothing that makes me happier than watching the two of you together. I can’t wait for you to start saying his name. Right now your favorite three words are Mama, Dada and Baba.

You love the water so we’ve spent a lot of time at the pool, beach and bathtub this summer. You would stay in the water until all of your skin prunes up without even wanting to get out. Your big brother is the same way, and is now such a big boy jumping off the diving board with no fear.

Carter turns 4 in just a few weeks and is looking more and more like a big kid with very little signs of that toddler I saw when he turned three. After seeing his little brother get his photos taken in his green chair, Carter insisted on getting some in his own chair.

Just this week Carter has gone from calling me Mama to calling me Mommy. I knew this would happen eventually but it makes me a little sad, I kind of like Mama.

I love these boys more than I can stand it.

Bath Time | Virginia Baby Photographer

Reed is such a little water baby, there is nothing he loves more than his bath. Usually I give them baths in the smaller tub in their rooms but this morning decided to give them a bath in our big tub and get some photos and video of it. The light in there is just divine and add to it the reflection from the water and the white tub is just beautiful.

I’m sorry but he’s the cutest baby ever. I know he’s mine but still.

He’s a maniac now, crawling and pulling up on everything and anything.

And of course Carter insisted on getting in the tub and wanted his picture taken.

Lots of personal pictures as of late, I have had an awesome two weeks off but this week will return to my norm, I have 3 newborns & two babies this week.:-)

Vacation Part Three | Virginia Baby Photographer

I was so excited that we were able to spend the 4th of July down in OBX. Our house is right on the beach and there’s big dune deck that’s just perfect to view the fireworks going off in all of the towns up and down the beach. It’s also the deck that has the stairs I do a lot of photos on and is also great for late night dance parties, you know, if you are into that sort of thing.

I love everything about the 4th of July so I was so excited to get photos of the kids all decked out in their red, white and blue. I even got a photo of me and my baby that our friend took.

The 4th of July parade in the Town of Duck is so small town America, I love it. The kids had a blast even in the humidity and heat.

And the fireworks! These were taken handheld or propped on the dune deck railing using long shutter speeds to get the movements of the lights. I think these were 4 second shutters. Reed slept through the whole thing but Carter loved them even if he was a little scared at first.

Such a fun vacation, I can’t wait to head back down there in September with my group of 10 professional photographer friends.:-)

Vacation Part One | Virginia Child and Baby Photographer

I think this is the longest I haven’t blogged here and there’s good reason, we’ve spent the last 13 days in the Outer Banks, North Carolina on a much needed vacation. Our good friends from New Jersey joined us with their two girls so it’s been a crazy but fun time. I’m finally catching up on editing and wanted to share some of the photos from our trip, more coming!

These were all edited sort of fast so not perfect but I love them.

Reed, who is completely mobile now and pulling up on everything. He LOVES the water.

My sweet Carter who refuses to look at the camera.

These are all taken on the steps/dunes in front of my Dad’s beach house, I love how I have shots of the kids here every year and can watch them grow year by year in the same spot.

Miss Kate who will be going into 1st grade! First time they came down to the beach with us she was only 2 years old!

And Miss Abby who was a baby last time I saw her, she turns 3 TODAY! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Fun times!

A s k   M e   A n y t h i n g