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Family Fun | Ashburn Virginia Family Photographer

This family was awesome and such troopers considering we are still dealing with 100 degree heat. All three kids were super sweet and smart, they made my job so much fun!

Perfect sibling shot.

Such a little ham!

There’s always one goofball in the bunch…G family, you all were awesome and it was a pleasure working with you!

Vacation Part Two | Northern Virginia Child Photograpy

I’m back in the studio today and I’m not going to lie, it’s kind of nice to be back in the swing of things.

While down at the beach I did a session with our friends who were staying with us. Their girls are absolutely gorgeous and we always have so much fun with them, they are the type of couple I could spend every vacation with. I am already looking forward to next year’s beach trip together!

Here are the photos I did of them two years ago:

And this year! It amazes me how much the kids change in just two short years.

Such sweet girls and they play together so well, I can’t wait for Reed to get older so he and Carter can be buds like these two.

She’s so stinkin cute I could just eat her up. Miss Abby!

And soon to be 1st grader Kate!

I miss them all already!

Beach Beauties | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

After 12 amazing days at the beach, we are finally home. Travelling with kids is never fun but we made it home in great time and I think we all are a little happy to be home and back into our normal routine.

Last night I did a family beach session for one of my older sister’s very best friends. My sister and her friends just happen to be vacationing at another house up the road in the Outer Banks so I was excited to do a little work while down there.  I had a blast photographing this beautiful family and love the warmth and airy feel of these.

This might be my all time favorite sibling photo ever.

You can see where these kiddos get their great looks from.;-)

Love this shot too, less posey and more fun.

P fam, you guys rock and I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Beautiful Morning | Virginia Child Photographer

This is my 3rd time photographing this family and it’s been so much fun watching them grow. We had such amazing weather this morning, it was breezy and felt like spring which I feel like we totally missed this year. It always seems to go from winter to summer hot here without much of a comfortable spring.

As always, these kids are a joy to photograph which makes my job so much fun.

How cute are these three?!

Miss A always has fun hats and props to use that really show her personality. I love the colors here.

And little brother L couldn’t be left out of the hat party.

And last time I saw him he was a baby. Not anymore, he’s two already!

F family, it was great seeing and catching up with you all again today!

Brothers | Northern Virginia Child Photographer

These two came by the studio this morning and brightened my day. There is nothing more awesome than a bond between brothers and these two were so sweet together.

This little dude is 3 years old and I had so much fun with him.

And here’s his baby brother who recently turned one.

I love these shots, it makes me realize how short the “baby” phase is and how quickly he will lose those chubby baby cheeks and legs and will be a full blown toddler. Ah, next time my baby wakes me in the middle of the night I’m going to spend extra time rocking him because this all goes by way too fast.

Such a handsome little man.

Cutie pie!

L family, it was so great spending time with you this morning. Hope you enjoy your long weekend!

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