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Perfect Fall Morning | Washington DC Family Photographer

Last time I saw this sweet family baby sister was just a few days old! They really do grow up too fast. We had the most amazing weather a few weeks ago and the fall color was right at it’s peak. Made for perfect portraits!

Our Awesome Neighbors | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

When we moved into our new house back in April we had no clue how lucky we got in the next door neighbor department! Carter has become best friends with Alivia and I know that once her baby brother is a little older, he’ll be besties with Reed. They are such an awesome family and we hit the great neighbor jackpot.

Crisp Fall Morning | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

I’m such a sucker for fall, the colors, the bite in the air, all of it. A few weeks ago I got to meet up and reconnect with an old friend from college, she found my website and then looked at my photo and realized who I was. Turns out we have two kids nearly the same age and it was so much fun hanging out with them!

Gorgeous Family | Virginia Family Photography

This family wins the award for the furthest drive for their family session in Leesburg, Virginia. I’m so glad they made the drive because not only is the Mom an amazing person and an inspiration, but her kids are the cutest and sweetest little boys ever. I love every single image we got and the light that night was simply divine. The fall color in Leesburg, Virginia is just perfect for family portraits.

M family, you guys rock! <3

Finally! | Northern Virginia Family & Child Photographer

I’m not kidding when I say that we’ve spent the better part of 1.5 years trying to get this session scheduled. We’ve had rain, ice, sickness, etc and finally were able to meet up for photos! There were storms threatening that day but after a few drops it cleared right up and was a gorgeous evening. I loved this family and the images we got.

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