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Love | Virginia Baby Photographer

Today I met up with 1 year old little E and his gorgeous parents A & J. They recently moved out to the East Coast from Cali and have used some pretty amazing photographers in the past so needless to say, I was a tad nervous. A & J are so in love with each other and their adorable son, my goal today was to capture that. We met up in Old Town Alexandria and the weather today could not have been more perfect, it was almost TOO hot but I’m not going to complain.

A few (of many) favs…

Little E is quite the little spitfire, he pretty much wanted to be on the MOVE the entire time. How cute is he??



Here E is just chillaxing.

This yellow wall could not have gone any better with their outfits. I’m obsessed with the colors going on here.

Mama love.

A & J, it was so nice meeting you today, hope you had a safe drive back home to MD!

Beautiful Children | Virginia Baby Photographer, Virginia Child Photographer

Today I met what might be the most adorable kids ever. Mom dressed the whole family so perfectly and it was a beautiful day outside which was perfect for fall photographs!

Some favorites!

Fun fall sibling shot.

A is 8 months old and ON the move, little guy was FAST!

Gorgeous light and a gorgeous girl.

He has the most amazing blue eyes, I love the colors in this shot.

And talk about color, wowsa, check out the amazing fall color here:

Adorable family shot, LOVE the color in this one as well.

G Family, you guys are awesome thanks for having me over today!:-)

The Picture Frame Family | Outer Banks Family Beach Photography

You know those gorgeous families whose photos come inside a new picture frame? Well I found that family. This shoot was part of my workshop last weekend at the beach and are a walking “what to wear” for a photo session. They are beautiful inside and out and we had the perfect, warm evening light on Saturday.

Here are many favorites!




My fav!



Big jump!


These children could seriously be models they are so pretty.


C Family thanks for joining us on Saturday night.:-)

The Awesome Family | Northern Virginia Family, Child & Baby Photographer

When Mom originally contacted me it was for a session with her 3 adorable kiddos but then it turned into a big family affair. I can honestly say that if I didn’t already have a great family of my own, I’d be begging to be adopted into this one. They were all so kind and funny it was an absolute joy spending time with them today. There was a “dog poop incident” that I promised not to blog about so that’s all I’ll say about that.;-)

Here is an extra large sneak peek, I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to 5 like I usually do.

First we have big brother J, he once caught a fish “THIS BIG” and is super cool.

And middle brother W, he says he caught a fish even bigger… His brother disagrees.

And sweet baby sister G who turns one in a few short weeks! This little one is quite the spitfire and is already running all over the place.

As witnessed by this funny outtake, this was during our attempts at getting a sibling photo. She took off running leaving her brothers in the background. I’m in love with her devilish little grin here.
(don’t worry Mom & Dad, I did get one where she wasn’t running away)

And here we have the R fam in all of their adorableness.

This gorgeous lady has a big Birthday coming up, I’m not going to say which one it is because a proper lady never divulges her age on the internets.

These two are so ridiculously cute I have no words.

And finally we have Mom & Dad. They have been married for 37 years and just looking at their photo you can tell how in love they still are and that makes me happy.:-)

Thanks again guys for having me over today, I can’t wait for you to see the rest of your gallery.:-)

P is for Pretty | Northern Virginia Baby Photographer

Oh sweet little P made me work for the smiles during our session. I’m pretty sure I cycled through every trick in the book to get this pretty little diva to smile for me but when she did, she did it perfectly. The stage where they have just mastered sitting up is SO fun to photograph.:-)

Some favs…

Beautiful dark eyes!

Here she is, 8 months and already giving attitude, lol.

Happy girl:



So nice meeting you D family, can’t wait to show you the rest of your gallery!

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