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Beach Sessions June 10-20th Outer Banks, NC | Outer Banks, NC Family Photographer

Just a quick reminder that if you are going to be down in, or already live near the Outer Banks, North Carolina book your beach sessions with me NOW. I will be down there from June 10th through the 22nd and have a few dates still open. These will be sunset sessions on the beach or wherever else you would like near the beach. I consider myself a part-time local down there since our family owns a home in Duck so I am very familiar with the area.

Here are a few photos from my last OBX beach session in September:








I seriously can’t wait to head back down there, I need a vacation.:-)

Tiny & New | Virginia Newborn Photographer

This little guy arrived 10 days ago and was one of the sweetest, tiniest newborns I’ve had in a while. He weighed in at about 5.5 pounds and was such a great little sport for us today. When Mom said that she’d love to get a shot of J in Daddy’s Steelers helmet I knew he’d be a perfect fit.

I love how they’ll have this as a reference as to how small he really was because they get big FAST!

J & his proud big sister.

This shot just melts my heart, so sweet.

He looks like a little blue easter egg.

Is she not the cutest??!!

He’s pretty cute too.;-)

Congratulations S Family, you have a gorgeous family and I enjoyed meeting you today!

Encore! | Virginia Newborn Photographer

Just a few more of this gorgeous family as a little encore for them and their family abroad.:-)I always recommend that we get some family photos during a newborn session, even if you aren’t feeling all that “glamorous” post-birth it’s so nice to capture those precious first moments as a larger family.

Dad and his two sons.

Is this family not gorgeous?? Seriously, all of them are so photogenic.

Mom and her two boys.


Beautiful Family | Virginia Family Photographer

Today I met up with the most adorable H family in Old Town, Alexandria for some fall shots. They were not only perfectly dressed for the session but two of the best behaved children ever.

First we have little O, he is 21 months old and I swear he could be a model. Is this child not gorgeous??

And he has a new baby brother, little G who is 2 months old and just the cutest thing ever.

Really though, the whole family is just adorable.

And this is the sweetest image ever.

Love this one too…

And a favorite of Daddy and his boy.

H Fam, you guys are awesome, it was so nice meeting you today despite having to reschedule due to the rain.:-)

Feisty & New | Virginia Newborn Photographer

Meet 14 day old K, she is absolutely beautiful and such a welcome addition to her parents. She is quite the feisty one and decided that sleep is for “babies”. We got some awesome shots regardless and will be finishing up next week with more typical newborn shots so here is round one!

Don’t let this biiiig yawn fool you…

She was wide eyed and smiley for me today.

A shot of the adorable new family that I love.

And look at those beautiful blue eyes!

E & K, so nice meeting you today, look forward to seeing you again next week.:-)

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