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Happy Father’s Day | Virginia Baby Photographer

I can’t believe our beach trip is almost over, we head back home tomorrow morning. Tonight we celebrated Father’s Day and our 7 year Wedding Anniversary at our favorite restaurant on the island and afterwards I was determined to get a few more beach shots before we leave.  Since it was close to bedtime, a lollipop was the ONLY thing that allowed me to get these photos without a meltdown so I’ll take what I can get!

Does this scene look familiar? These are the steps coming down from our dune deck to the beach in front of our house. If I wasn’t so pregnant and it wasn’t so hot out I’d venture to another location but again, I’ll take what I can get. Photographing your own child is really hard and frustrating.

But capturing these moments is SO worth it!

This boy loves his Gaga (what he calls Dada).

Happy Father’s Day Gaga!

My sweet little boy, it has been one of the best vacations we’ve ever been on because he brings so much fun and happiness to our lives.:-)

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, my Baby Dada and all the other amazing Dad’s out there!

We will be back to regular blogging with client sneak peeks come Tuesday.:-)

Steamy Day at the Beach | Outer Banks Beach Photographer

***  Just a quick note that I will be out of the office through June 22nd. I have my laptop down here with me but am probably not going to be as quick to respond to emails since we are on vacation. ***?

Hoo boy, today was one of those days where you had to be either IN the pool or ocean it was so hot. I’m sure being pregnant doesn’t help but we enjoyed our day regardless. Carter was really into the water and ocean last summer but for some reason this year he’s a little more timid. I am hoping by the end of vacation he’s back to playing in the waves but we’ll see, he’s a hardheaded little guy for sure!

I went out to get some shots of Carter tonight because he was wearing a cute outfit and as soon as I stepped outside my camera lens fogged up completely and I had a hard time keeping it clear. A lot of these photos are pretty hazy but I’m just going to go with light, airy & beachy instead because it sounds better.;-)

Which way to the beach?

Ahhh, love the beach.:-)

The (Soon-To-Be) Big Brother & Notes from the Beach | Outer Banks NC Photographer

***  Just a quick note that I will be out of the office through June 22nd. I have my laptop down here with me but am probably not going to be as quick to respond to emails since we are on vacation. ***

I LOVE the beach and I love photographing on the beach, there is nothing more amazing than the light on the beach as the sun is about to set.  As much as I love being on vacation and not having to work, I also get a serious itch to pick up my camera to capture this beautiful time in our lives, our last family vacation until we become a family of 4.

Like a lot of other photographers, sometimes I get so busy and wrapped up in client work that I neglect to take photos of my own child. I’m not going to lie, it takes a LOT more work to photograph your own kid than someone else’s but I now that Carter is so much more bribe-able it’s gotten a little easier, even if he does eat a lollipop at 8pm at night.

BTW, look at the shots from last year at the beach isn’t it CRAZY how much bigger he is?! I took a shot very similar to this one last year and love it so much it’s hanging on my office wall.

I just think he’s the cutest thing ever.;-)

And a complete goofball.

BTW, outfit is from Mini Boden, I am obsessed with their clothes. Pretty sure this one is going big on my wall, I love how the setting sun is peeking out over the dune grass.

He loves to throw the sand, it’s all fun and games until it gets in your eyes.

He looks about 10 in this photo, where did my baby go?

Ah, life is GOOD.:-)

BTW, if you are down in the Outer Banks shoot me an email if you want to get some family photos done, I’m here through the 22nd.

Mine on Sunday? | Virginia Child Photographer

Yeah it’s not Monday but figured I would share a few snaps from our weekend. These are ALL from my IPhone, I decided to leave the big camera behind give myself a REAL break from shooting on my 4 days off.

On Friday we ended up at my Dad’s farm on the Eastern Shore, MD to hang out with family. Carter had fun playing with his cousins, we swam, jumped on the trampoline, and then grilled out by the pool/fire.

We could NOT have had better weather, while hot, it was awesome.

Saturday we woke up bright and early and had some of my Dad’s famous pancakes and headed out on my Sister’s boat. The farm is on a creek off of the Wye River so it’s only a 20 minute boat ride over to St. Micheals, a beautiful historic and quaint town on the water. Carter hasn’t been on a boat since he was a baby so he was SO excited for his boat ride, he kept screaming “I’m ON A BOAT”, it was hilarious. He also got to DRIVE the boat!

I have been craving crab legs for a while now so I was psyched to hit up The Crab Claw for an amazing lunch by the water. We would have gotten some Maryland Crabs but they weren’t in season yet.

After some more swimming we headed home last night, we were exhausted.

Today we woke up and went to The Reston Zoo. It’s such a great little place and so easy to get to as opposed to the National Zoo. Plus the kids get to get up and close and feed the animals.

See that black sheep? It was quite aggressive and knocked over all of the other sheeps and goats to get to the food we had.

I’m sad to have the weekend come to an end but will be happy to get back to shooting clients this week.  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well!:-)

Mine on Monday | Virginia Child Photographer

Ah, these photos just scream boyhood curiosity to me. We got a little break in rain on Sunday and went outside to explore and I took along the camera.

BTW, these were all shot with my 135L at f/2.0 (and 5d MKII). I am LOVING that lens lately, it sat in my camera bag unused all winter so I’ve been giving it a workout lately.

Checking out the rocks.

Love that little half smile and crazy blonde hair.

He looks so sweet here. His latest thing is when we ask him where the baby is, he lifts his shirt and points to his tummy. I guess he thinks he’s pregnant too, lol.

Picking out dandelions.

And the best part! Look at those long lashes.

I can’t wait to see him become a big brother, he seems to think it’s a baby sister in there, we’ll find out on June 7th!:-)

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