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1 Month! | Ashburn Virginia Newborn Photographer

How is it that my Reed is already one month, 33 days old?! He’s such a laid back baby, he loves to nurse, sleep and is starting to really wake up and look around at everything around him. He’s a big boy, much chunkier than my Carter was. Last week he was already 10 pounds and according to the pediatrician in perfect health.

Here are a few recent photos of my little men.

I have a feeling this is the end of the sleepy photos of him, he is really more alert during the day and definitely not as bendy and flexible as he was a few weeks ago.

I can’t wait to see that little face light up with a smile!

Someone is going to have beautiful blue eyes like his brother and daddy.

His first monthly photo.:-)

My favorite little Hokie fans.

My crazy Carter.

Carter is definitely still adjusting to his new role but seems to love Reed. I think once Reed starts to interact more Carter will really start enjoying him, right now he just sees him as someone who’s taking up too much of Mommy’s attention.;-)

We are headed to the farm on Thursday for 4 days of fun so stay tuned for lots more photos! I’m also sneaking out of maternity leave to do a newborn session for a favorite past client while there, I can’t stay away from work long it seems.

My Boys | Virginia Newborn & Toddler Photographer

Despite a nasty case of mastitis I was determined to get a few shots of Carter with Reed today, I really wanted at least one good one for the birth announcement. Not sure if I’ve mentioned on here before but taking photos of your own kids (newborn excluded) as a photographer is pretty much mission impossible. Usually Carter won’t even look at the camera when I want him to but today I had a trick up my sleeve that actually worked! I was able to get a bunch of keepers and am SO excited!

Carter at 3 years 2 months and Reed at 17 days old.

I am so proud of my big boy, he has taken to this big brother thing so well! I love seeing him kissing Reed and loving on him.

I am one lucky Mama!:-)

Slowing Down | Ashburn Virgnia Newborn Photographer

You might notice that things are slowing down here on the blog and there’s a reason, I am slowing down. I’m 35 days from my due date and 29 days from my induction date and feeling quite large and umcomfortable. It’s NO JOKE that your belly gets larger and everything hurts more with your 2nd baby, there are nights when I can barely walk. This in addition to annoying contractions, I’m being forced to relax more and work less. My 4 or 5 sessions a week is being cut down to 2 or 3 until Oct 3rd and then I will be on maternity leave.

Despite being uncomforable and huge I’m enjoying every hiccup, roll, kick and punch because I know soon enough I will miss having him inside. While I can’t wait to meet our still nameless baby boy, I am going to relish these final weeks. I’ve been spending the last few days with my own Mom, she’s been staying with me and Carter while my husband is out of town and I’m not sure who’s happier, Carter having his Mimi here 24/7 or me having help! We’ve also been potty training since last Friday and I’m proud to report that as of today, little dude has had NO accidents either at home or school since Saturday! I was nervous to do this before his baby brother arrives but he seems to be taking to it like a champ.

My Mom and I were talking yesterday about how much she misses her own Mom and about kids growing up and leaving you. I asked her if she ever felt so much love for her children that it hurt and she said that it never goes away and sometimes it DOES hurt. She reminded me of all of the times she stayed up all night worried about me while I was out getting in trouble with my friends or the sadness she felt as she drove away and left me at college and I wanted to cry thinking about my own boys doing the same one day. This conversation reminded me how important it is to slow down, enjoy your babies/kids while they are little and even though we can’t freeze time, we can always capture it in photographs.

Carter & his Mimi.

(Ignore the messy hair, no makeup at the park look I’m rocking here, I’m just happy to have a photo of me with my boy)

Three | Virginia Child Photography

Tomorrow my sweet baby boy turns 3 years old. I know it gets said time and time again but this year has flown by. I’d also be lying if I said it was that the “terrible 2′s” were easy, they definitely were not. Despite the challenges this year posed, I feel like he’s emerged a neat little person that speaks in full sentences, has a wild imagination, loves the color yellow, is still quite the Mama’s boy and adores all things to do with trucks.

I’m not going to lie, I definitely got weepy putting together this year’s slideshow. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m massively pregnant or that this was his last year as an only child but it was so bittersweet.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful boy!!

Click here for a look back!

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A Day in Our Life | Virginia Child Photographer

Last week my good photographer friend Jayme challenged me and a group of other photographers to capture more everyday moments in our lives. As a photographer having a camera in my hand feels like work so when I get home from work I want to do anything but take photos of my own child. I’m pretty good about taking him out every month or so for “sessions” but as far as capturing our daily lives I’m not so great so this challenge came at the perfect time considering our family of 3 will be a family of 4 in just a few short months.

Today was just the perfect day, no sessions planned, no big plans and beautiful weather. I snapped my trusty 24-70 2.8L on my 5DMKII and carried it with me all day to capture the moments. These are really just snapshots, I did not fully edit them but just processed them through ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) and converted them to JPGs. Having this challenge forced me to get creative to make even our boring snapshots more art-worthy and I highly recommend that all of you take the time to do the same with your kids!

First we had breakfast…

And then played and lounged a bit.

And then did some bed jumping in his new big boy bed.

Then we hit up the splash pad, it was a perfect 78 degrees with blue skies!

And of course no trip is complete without some iced coffee (for me) and chocolate milk (for him) at Starbucks!

After our whole house napped we headed out to the park to play ball with Sumo.

And then spend the rest of the afternoon vegging out, making dinner and cuddling.

What an awesome lazy Sunday.:-)

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