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Vacation Instagrams | Northern Virginia Baby Photographer

We are finally back from vacation, we could not have asked for a better 12 days down in Duck, NC (Outer Banks). The weather got pretty hot towards the end of the trip but we still enjoyed as much beach & pool time as possible. The kids have become little fishes in the water, Carter can now swim completely under water and across the pool without using his Puddle Jumper. Reed is fearless when it comes to the ocean, he’d run right into the waves, get knocked down and give the biggest belly laugh.

I have been obsessed with Instagram for a year and a half now and I’ll be honest when I say that most of my candid snaps are taken with my Iphone so Instagram is a fun little program to fancy up those cell phone photos. I have lots of real photos to share as well that I need to edit but I love these just as much.

From L to R, top to bottom: Reed getting knocked over, boys swimming, first beach cocktail, Carter protecting Reed from the waves, first morning at the beach, yummy corn on the cob, sleeping on the long drive, playing on the beach and amazing sunset.

Carter body surfing, Daddy & his boys, Mommy getting beach snuggles, morning swim with Mommy, beach naps rule, snuggling my cool dude (can you tell Reed is going through a clingy Mommy phase?), beach workouts, Carter jumping waves with his friends, Reed & his ball.

Duck’s 4th Parade, being cheesy & romantic with our husbands, bucket head, poolside arts & crafts, kids free dinner and night out, the best wedge salad ever, kids with auntie Marie, beach buns, Abby paddle boarding.

Another kids free night out (!!!!), another amazing sunset, scallops, my 4th of July baby, our boating adventure, Mommy & her boys on the boat, more art, Carter on a boat, my all time favorite drink called an “Orange Yum Yum”.

Cuddling my Carter on the dune deck waiting on the fireworks, Carter & Abby paddle boarding, meet Crabby our newest pet hermit crab, 4th of July steamer bucket of deliciousness, Kerry & I after dinner and drinks by the sound, all the kids at the 4th parade, Carter driving the boat, sunset, and celebrating Abby’s 4th Birthday with a cake.

It was an amazing & perfect family vacation but it’s also nice to get back to reality and work.:-)

Memorial Day Weekend | Ashburn Virginia Newborn and Baby Photographer

I’m way behind on blogging but I wanted to share some snapshots I took of my kids this weekend. We spent the weekend at my Dad’s house on the Eastern Shore, Maryland. It was absolutely perfect and a much-needed little getaway. These are total snaps, not really edited and Reed is definitely wearing his pajamas in most of them, but I love them. I need to get better about sharing more photos of my boys on here, even if they are not perfect portraits.:-)

Hope you all had a great long weekend and thank you to all of you who serve our country to make it a better place.

This & That | Virginia Newborn Photography

It’s been a crazy few weeks here! The studio has been very busy, I’ve been shooting 4 or 5 sessions a week for the past month and while the blog is a little behind, I have been really good about posting photos over on my Facebook page so make sure you head on over there and like me.

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I’m hoping to caught up on the blog but will probably be blogging a few of the older sessions in a week or so since the clients already have their galleries and I think it will be fun to blog the images they love the most instead of what I usually pick.

On the personal front, things are just insane. We close on our new home (just a few miles away from our current home but with more space and a big yard) in just two weeks and have done zero packing so far so needless to say, we will be busy. The kids are doing so great at their new school that we switched over to a few weeks ago in anticipation of the move. I was nervous about the transition but Carter (and Reed) is doing better than I ever could have expected. I’ve been on a fitness/health kick since December and have been working out 6 days a week, it’s been intense but so much fun and I’m loving the results.

If you have an Iphone you have to download Instagram, it’s all I use these days to take my daily photos. Instagram is a free download that takes your boring smart phone photos and makes them a little more artsy and fun.

Since I’m plugging it, I might as well share a little of what we have been up to in the past few weeks via Instagram, I am hoping to do this every few weeks so you can get a peek at our lives outside the studio.:-)

From left to right:
1. Reed loves his food!
2. The new house
3. The boys could blow bubbles for hours, so cute.
4. Reed always has crazy hair.
5. Playdate
6. Happy to be outside on the deck
7. Friday family night out to dinner, our little tradition.
8. Love those chunky legs!
9. My favorite goofball on his brother’s 4 wheeler.
10 Loving this warm weather!
11. Reed loving his ATV
12. Another favorite brother activity, tractor rides!
13. How is he 17 months already?!
14. My sweet little fruitcake.
15. Sweaty
16. I will miss this view but not the fact we have no back yard!

Happy Friday Friends! Stay tuned, I have a few adorable babies I’ll be sharing tonight & tomorrow!

Be Mine | Virginia Newborn Photographer

Okay, it’s been like a bazillion years since I’ve shared images of my own boys on the blog. The truth is, I’ve been so busy with clients that I haven’t had time to. This week has been kind of crazy, Reed had pinkeye and got tubes put in his ears. He’s doing great now but it’s been stressful on Mama.

Last weekend I took the kids up the the studio to grab a few Valentines photos. The tides have turned and Reed is the hard one to photograph while his brother loves to mug for the camera.

These little men just full me with so much joy & love.


He’s Four | Virginia Child Photographer

I’m a week behind here since last week was so crazy but I wanted to blog these photos I took of Carter for his 4th Birthday.  I can’t believe my little 6 pound peanut is now a lean and tall dude who often gets mistaken for a 6 year old.

It’s been a year of change and adjustment for him as he became a big brother in October, but he’s taken it in stride and has learned to love Reed.

It amazes me how much he’s changed in just two years.

He will actually pose for photos with a forced “cheese” smile if bribed now.

He’s boisterous but shy when he meets new people. I actually love it when he’s shy because it’s the only time he’s quiet.

He’s got such a great imagination and it’s always fun to play pretend with him.

He is worshiped by his baby brother and is getting better about sharing his toys and playing with him.

He still calls his butt his bunt, headphones are hegaphones, and fruit loops are fruit lips. I love these things about him and refuse to correct him because I think it’s cute.

What I love the most about him is that he’s not too big that he can’t snuggle with me, crawl up and sit on my lap and he still loves hugs and kisses from his Mom.

Cheesy smiles aside, I think he’s pretty awesome and am thankful every single day for having him in my life. He’s the first, the one that made me a Mom, and the one who taught me patience and unconditional love.  Happy Birthday big boy!

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