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Kissing Cousins

This shot of Carter leaning in to get a kiss from his cousin Maya cracks me up:

My Boy

I haven’t posted about my son Carter here lately. He turns 14 months old tomorrow and is quite the handful. He is walking all over the place (started a month ago) and is getting better and better at it every day. He loves to rummage through our kitchen cabinets and pull out random objects to carry around the house with him, we call him our little treasure hunter.

Here’s a quick snap I took of him last weekend at the park. His hair is getting out of control but I’m too much of a wimp to cut it yet, I want to hold on to as much of his babyhood as possible. *sigh*

This age is so much fun!

364 Days Ago…

I had been on modified bedrest for 6 weeks for high blood pressure. This morning, a year ago, I went for my 37 week appointment. My blood pressure would not go down so they sent me over to the hospital to be monitored. After spending all day on the monitors my OB decided to induce me. I was terrified since it was still early and I wasn’t even a fingertip dilated but I had no choice.

That next day on August 9th at 3:21 pm I gave birth to the sweetest little boy in the world. He came out screaming and healthy, and that day and the days after have been the best of my life.

Here is a video chronicling his first year, it’s long but worth it. Also please note that most of the photos in the video are just snapshots from our point and shoot.

Carter’s First Year from HokieGal on Vimeo.

We did a quick Cake Smash session this morning, he wasn’t sure of the cake at first but ended up loving it and made a bit fun mess.


Hmmm, this is tasty!

And finished…

Happy Birthday to my inspiration, my joy, my love, my life!

A s k   M e   A n y t h i n g