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First Day of Kindergarten! | Leesburg Virginia Children’s Photographer

So I blinked and my first baby boy is a kindergartener! We are nearly 2 months into the school year and he seems to be adjusting well and absolutely loves school. He says his favorite part is riding the big yellow school bus and seeing his friends. Here are some photos I captured on his first day, there were definitely some tears from this mama!

Leesburg Virginia Children

Leesburg Virginia Children

Leesburg Virginia Children

Leesburg Virginia Children

Leesburg Virginia Children

Leesburg Virginia Children

Leesburg Virginia Children

Leesburg Virginia Children

Leesburg Virginia Children

Leesburg Virginia Children

Leesburg Virginia Children

Time flies!! I swear I just gave birth to him!!

Our Beach Vacation Photos | Alexandria Virginia Family Photographer

I can’t believe it’s been well over a month and I have neglected to blog the images I took while we were on vacation in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. We went down with the same family we go with every year and had an amazing trip. The boys swam until their fingers and toes couldn’t get any more pruned, and every inch of them was sand logged. I lucked out again this year and got a sibling shot that I adore and I love seeing them grow up before my very eyes (and lens).

Carter’s Pirate Birthday Party | Northern Virginia Child Photographer

I’m still in denial that my sweet oldest son is already five years old and his baby brother will be turning two in a few months. We decided to throw a Pirate Bash for his Birthday and it was a blast! We had lots of kids running around the house hopped up on sugar and bouncing off the walls of the moon bounce. Carter told me it was his best Birthday ever so mission accomplished!

This party just happened to fall during the craziest week of my life where I shot 10 newborns and taught a workshop, I’m still amazed I was able to pull everything together.

Some pics!

Cake was made by the amazing Tastefully Treated, she did an amazing job and it tasted as great as it looked! Highly recommend if you are in the DC Metro area!

Beach Portraits | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

As promised, here are the photos from our beach vacation. I always make it a point to take family and kid portraits while we are down there and I truly treasure these images as the years go by. Such an amazing trip and I’m so blessed to have amazing people in my life.

We always vacation at the same house (it’s my Dad’s) and with the same friends. They live in New Jersey so we don’t get to see them much during the rest of the year, but I truly treasure spending time with them at the beach.

Here are all of the kids, my boys & their girls.

We spent a lot of time doing this, my kids sprouted fins while there.

This sweet baby boy (can I still call him a baby at 21 months?) loves the water.

And my first baby, who will be 5 in just a month, can now swim unassisted under water. I’m amazed at how fast he’s picked up on swimming, it was just a few years ago when he was afraid of the pool & ocean and now he’s like a fish.

We did a little boating adventure on The Sound one of the days and the kids were able to learn about all of the animals that thrive in the sound, go fishing, crabbing, eeling and drive the boat!

Yes, I probably should have rubbed the sunscreen in on his face a little better.;-)

It’s near impossible to take a good photo of these 4 crazy little ones.


I can’t believe how much these girls have grown up since I last saw them last year!

I am completely in love with this image of my two boys.

Love this family!

And so happy I was able to get a photo of my family that I adore.

I smother this face with kisses non-stop.

Can’t help myself!

Carter’s new favorite job? Being my assistant!

Love evening beach light!

Already looking forward to heading back to the beach house in September with my photo girls!!

They Grow Up So Fast! | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

What I love about our beach trips is that we got to the same house every year, it’s my Dad’s home so it’s home to us as well. We take photos at the same place every year (our dune deck stairs) and it’s so much fun looking back at the images taken throughout the years.

First up, Mr. Carter. From right to left to right he was 1, 2, 3 and this year 4! It’s crazy that in the first image he was the same age as Reed is now.

Next Reed, since he’s only 1, we only have last years image taken at 8 months and this years shot at 20 months.

The sibling shots, this years shot is my all time favorite image ever. I plan on printing it huge in our new home, I love it.

Our amazing friends from New Jersey join us every year at the beach house, we have so much fun and the kids love playing together. It’s been a blast watching Kate & Abby grow up as well. We missed one year due to scheduling issues with the school year (when Carter was 2 and I was pregnant with Reed) but we are already planning next year’s trip.:-)

I miss hearing the ocean at night now!

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