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How is it November already?? | Virginia Child Photographer

November? Really? Time has been flying by since I’ve been out on maternity leave. Little man is turning ONE month old tomorrow and is getting way too big too fast for my liking. I’m going to attempt to do a formal one month photo shoot but I’m not going to lie, one month is a super awkard age to shoot. I’m hoping to get some last sleepy shots so wish me luck!

So last week I met up with my sister and her family to do some quick family photos for them. I have loved doing their Christmas Card photos for the past few years and this year was no exception. The one thing I have missed while being on maternity leave is doing fall photos outside so I was excited to get some last week. My sister’s kids are always so well behaved they are a joy to photograph!

Hellooooo beautiful fall colors!

My favorite niece giving me a little sass.

Love afternoon fall light!

Mama & her girl.

Jack Jack, who is Carters BFF.

Mom & her boys.

Stay tuned for some new photos of my chubby Reed baby and next weekend we are headed to my Dad’s farm where I’ll be doing more Christmas Card photos! As much as I’m loving this time off I am excited to get back to work in January!:-)

Introducing… | Virginia Newborn Photographer

Reed Wilson Scruggs:

Born October 13th 2010 at 2:35 PM weighing 7 pounds, 8 ounces and 20 inches long.

He was born at 38 weeks and one day after a super quick and easy delivery. I never thought my heart could love another little human being like I love my first son but as soon as he was placed on my chest it was an instant and deep love. He’s such an awesome and laid back little baby and I finally was able to get 20 minutes with him today to take some real portraits of him. We’ve been dealing with a bit of jaundice and he’s been stuck on the bili lights at home for the past few days but we are on the mend now.

He looks a lot like Carter did when he was a newborn but he also looks SO different! Carter had NO hair and Reed came out with a full head of dark hair.

I could sit and stare at him for hours. I am soaking in every little bit of newborn-ness while I can since I know how fast they change and grow up.

Prepare to be bombarded with photos of him since he’s the easiest subject I have to photograph.

Carter is adjusting pretty well, it might take a little bit longer than I wanted to get the perfect sibling shot but I’m sure I’ll get it. I feel SO incredibly blessed to have these two little boys in my life even if it means getting 3 hours of sleep a night.;-)

**** Just a quick administrative note, I will be on maternity leave until January unless I decide to open a few dates in December. ****

Workshop Update!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that all of the spots are filled  for this workshop so we will be closing the registration link. The first people that sent in their registrations have been sent invoices to pay and once everyone pays we will notify everyone else.

To say we are blown away would be an understatement, we had NO idea how many responses we would get. Since we got SUCH an overwelming response, we will definitely be doing this workshop again early next year once I get back from maternity leave. Stay tuned!!!!

Workshop Details – Sign Up Now!

I’m so excited to finally release the details of the workshop that Shey Detterline and I are doing together!

On Sunday, September 12th we will be offering an exclusive and intensive workshop designed to teach YOU the tips and tricks to taking your own kids’ photos. We’ve both heard from sooooooo many friends and clients how much they’d love to use their own camera but they’re either intimidated/overwhelmed with learning how to use it, frustrated with the images they do get, or just want to take their photos to the next level. We’re spending 3 hours teaching a complete workshop covering everything you can imagine on taking great images straight out of the camera, plus more. Then the last hour we will be working with you all individually to figure out YOUR camera, and you will have the chance to see us photograph a model and ask questions one on one.  This is NOT a workshop for someone who is already a professional photographer or portfolio building but rather a Mom or Dad that has a nice camera and would really love to be able to take better photos of their child(ren).

Here are all the details below! Space is VERY limited and secured on a first come, first served basis….so if you’re interested please submit this form here and we’ll be in touch with you with the next steps!

The Reveal | Virginia Newborn Photographer

So my little post earlier this week garnered a lot of great responses and a few of you were even correct!  The wonderful Shey of Shey Marin Photography and I are joining up to host a FABULOUS workshop here in the DC area for all you moms out there. All the nitty gritty details will be announced this Sunday, but for now dust off those camera manuals and unpack your camera – your opportunity to learn from us how to take your own amazing photos of your kids is almost here!

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