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Pick Up Your Copy Now! | Bristow Virginia Newborn Photographer, Leesburg Virginia Newborn Photographer

Last month during little Bert’s newborn session, I was interviewed and photographed for I AM Modern Magazine. I was so excited to see it arrive at my door yesterday in print. The article paints the perfect picture of what things look like behind the scenes in the studio and my passion for the job.

They have a huge distribution in the Washington, DC Metro area and you can pick up your copy anywhere listed here, or read the article here!

Honored | Loudoun County Virginia Newborn Photographer

I was super excited to see a little article in this month issue of Professional Photographer Magazine about my little studio. PPA Magazine has been my bible since I started this business so it’s so exciting to be gracing it’s pages.

I was one of the studios featured on a piece about studio design and costs. After being in my space for a year now, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have done a thing different, it is my happy place.:-)

This & That | Virginia Newborn Photography

It’s been a crazy few weeks here! The studio has been very busy, I’ve been shooting 4 or 5 sessions a week for the past month and while the blog is a little behind, I have been really good about posting photos over on my Facebook page so make sure you head on over there and like me.

Little Moon Photography on Facebook — Make sure you hit Like so you can get the latest updates!

I’m hoping to caught up on the blog but will probably be blogging a few of the older sessions in a week or so since the clients already have their galleries and I think it will be fun to blog the images they love the most instead of what I usually pick.

On the personal front, things are just insane. We close on our new home (just a few miles away from our current home but with more space and a big yard) in just two weeks and have done zero packing so far so needless to say, we will be busy. The kids are doing so great at their new school that we switched over to a few weeks ago in anticipation of the move. I was nervous about the transition but Carter (and Reed) is doing better than I ever could have expected. I’ve been on a fitness/health kick since December and have been working out 6 days a week, it’s been intense but so much fun and I’m loving the results.

If you have an Iphone you have to download Instagram, it’s all I use these days to take my daily photos. Instagram is a free download that takes your boring smart phone photos and makes them a little more artsy and fun.

Since I’m plugging it, I might as well share a little of what we have been up to in the past few weeks via Instagram, I am hoping to do this every few weeks so you can get a peek at our lives outside the studio.:-)

From left to right:
1. Reed loves his food!
2. The new house
3. The boys could blow bubbles for hours, so cute.
4. Reed always has crazy hair.
5. Playdate
6. Happy to be outside on the deck
7. Friday family night out to dinner, our little tradition.
8. Love those chunky legs!
9. My favorite goofball on his brother’s 4 wheeler.
10 Loving this warm weather!
11. Reed loving his ATV
12. Another favorite brother activity, tractor rides!
13. How is he 17 months already?!
14. My sweet little fruitcake.
15. Sweaty
16. I will miss this view but not the fact we have no back yard!

Happy Friday Friends! Stay tuned, I have a few adorable babies I’ll be sharing tonight & tomorrow!

Lots of Exciting Updates! | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

Phew, things are crazy around here. I’m getting a little behind in blogging sneak peeks so be on the lookout for lots of cute newborns making their debut on here in the next few days. Now on to some exciting things!

I will be offering a 4 week one-on-one video critique over on the Chic Critique forum.

What is a “4-week Critique”?

A “4-week Critique” is a private class where forum members simply post images once a week for 4 weeks and get critique from our Celebrity Photographers

  • Lessons & assignments are not given, simply critique
  • Each active student posts once a week on Mondays with a max of 3 images per week
  • Celebrity Photographer responds to each active student’s post within 6 days
  • Each 4-week critique starts the first Monday of every month
  • Each Critique will consist of 10 active students and 20 silent students
  • A private classroom on the forum will be setup for each 4-week Critique
  • Offered exclusively to forum members & costs $69 per active student and $34 per silent student

This spots will sell out fast so sign up now!

And the second piece of exciting news, I was featured over on the M4H Blog this week!

Click here to read the interview:

I bet you will learn some stuff about me you never knew!

Happy Friday!

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