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When I started my little business 7 years ago I never would have imagined it would have grown like it did. I started doing it on the weekends, a few sessions here or there. Eventually I was able to quit my “day job”, move into an amazing studio space in Downtown Leesburg, Virginia and photograph over 500 newborns!

500 newborns!!! I get tired just thinking about it, but every single time I was peed or pooped on has been worth it. I absolutely adore my job and it’s like Christmas morning every time peek into the infant carrier and get my first look at my tiny little clients. I’ve had clients travel as far away from Charlotte, North Carolina and New York City. I’ve taught photographers from across the globe the importance of Newborn Safety and photography at my Workshops.

The best part about my job though? Sharing my work with others. Facebook is wonderful in that you can instantly share and interact with your clients and others who love Newborn Photography. When I started my Little Moon Photography Facebook page 7 years ago, I would have passed out if you told me I’d eventually hit 20,000 fans, and I did that today.

Thank you to every single client, fan, friend, etc for following along in this amazing journey, I can’t wait to see what the next 7 years have in store!

Virginia Newborn Photographer

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