They Grow Up So Fast! | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

What I love about our beach trips is that we got to the same house every year, it’s my Dad’s home so it’s home to us as well. We take photos at the same place every year (our dune deck stairs) and it’s so much fun looking back at the images taken throughout the years.

First up, Mr. Carter. From right to left to right he was 1, 2, 3 and this year 4! It’s crazy that in the first image he was the same age as Reed is now.

Next Reed, since he’s only 1, we only have last years image taken at 8 months and this years shot at 20 months.

The sibling shots, this years shot is my all time favorite image ever. I plan on printing it huge in our new home, I love it.

Our amazing friends from New Jersey join us every year at the beach house, we have so much fun and the kids love playing together. It’s been a blast watching Kate & Abby grow up as well. We missed one year due to scheduling issues with the school year (when Carter was 2 and I was pregnant with Reed) but we are already planning next year’s trip.:-)

I miss hearing the ocean at night now!

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