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Phew, things are crazy around here. I’m getting a little behind in blogging sneak peeks so be on the lookout for lots of cute newborns making their debut on here in the next few days. Now on to some exciting things!

I will be offering a 4 week one-on-one video critique over on the Chic Critique forum.

What is a “4-week Critique”?

A “4-week Critique” is a private class where forum members simply post images once a week for 4 weeks and get critique from our Celebrity Photographers

  • Lessons & assignments are not given, simply critique
  • Each active student posts once a week on Mondays with a max of 3 images per week
  • Celebrity Photographer responds to each active student’s post within 6 days
  • Each 4-week critique starts the first Monday of every month
  • Each Critique will consist of 10 active students and 20 silent students
  • A private classroom on the forum will be setup for each 4-week Critique
  • Offered exclusively to forum members & costs $69 per active student and $34 per silent student

This spots will sell out fast so sign up now!

And the second piece of exciting news, I was featured over on the M4H Blog this week!

Click here to read the interview:

I bet you will learn some stuff about me you never knew!

Happy Friday!

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