Beautiful Family | Maryland Family Photographer

Last time I saw this family, little M was a squishy little 6 day old! Now he’s a year old and big brother is 3, I love seeing these kids as they grow up! Today we did a family session and I love just about every image I got, the kids were perfect as was the weather. Nothing beats fall in the DC area!

A few favs!

Brotherly love.

He has the most amazing blue eyes.

Adorable little man.

I was psyched that even with a 1 year old and 3 year old we were able to get a bunch of perfect family photos, including this one which I adore.

S & H, it was great seeing you all again today, your boys are gorgeous!

Kara Layfield - Beautiful boys…and such a perfect family portrait.

Shannon C - Thanks Amber! We love the sneak peak!

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