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Reed Wilson,

Today you turn ONE YEAR OLD! I literally feel like I took this photo of you in the hospital yesterday.

This time around I made it a point to enjoy every single second of your first weeks and months, I might have sniffed your sweet baby head a few more times than is normal, but it still wasn’t enough. I wish I could have bottled up that scent, I’m sure there’s a market for that somewhere. I soaked in every second of your babyhood and it still went too fast. Those sweet squeaks you made when you were first born turned into adorable coos, which turned into giggles, babble and now words.

You have GROWN so much in one short year! This 2nd time around I’ve been so much more aware at how fast these babies grow, I see it every single day in the studio. I’m so glad I have this series of photos to document this change.

You have also sprouted an adorable halo of curls, it’s usually a mess but you are a crazy little kid so it’s fitting.

You give the best open mouth kisses and hugs and while getting a face full of drool isn’t necessarily sanitary, I savor those sweet kisses. You’ve also finally sprouted two teeth! It took 11.5 months for you to get a tooth but you did so without even getting cranky, you are a tough kid.

Reed you are such a good eater, I don’t think there is one thing I have put in front of you that you didn’t eat. I can’t wait for you to have your first taste of cake on Saturday, I have a feeling you are going to like it, by looking at your belly you certainly don’t miss any meals.

I am pretty sure I will be rocking you to sleep until you leave for college, but I don’t mind one bit. It’s the one chance I have in my day to focus on you and cuddle you until you fall asleep. I love how you reach up and grab my arm as you are falling asleep.

You have no fear and love to explore and get into everything. Baby proofing has taken on a new meaning with you, Carter was definitely not as curious as you are, son. You are SO close to walking, you take 4 or 5 steps unassisted and then get down and crawl. I think you will be there soon and then we will really have to watch out.

You are a laid back baby, we can skip naps, lay you down later, and go anywhere with you, you are always happy to go along for the ride. You let us know when you are tired, I think that is really the only time you cry or get fussy.

You love your brother, and your brother loves you. You two already have such an amazing relationship and i can’t wait to watch it grow. You adore going for wagon rides while Carter rides his bike. I can tell you can’t wait to be able to run around and chase him or ride your bike alongside him.

Even though I might be a little sad you are turning one and no longer a “baby”, I look forward to tomorrow and the day after because I fall in love with you (and your brother) more and more with each passing day. I can say with a full heart that I enjoyed and relished every single day of your first year and can’t wait to see what the next year brings!


Amanda - ok, im a complete bawl bag over here…Happy Birthday little Man!! Love watching him grow through your breathtaking photographs :) Love ya!

Shauna Ploeger - So sweet and happy birthday to Reed!

Melissa - so amazing! i love the idea of writing letters to your child like this throughout the years, then giving them to him or her someday. it may take some time, but he will treasure this gift from you :)

shey - OMG he is so so so cute. This makes me want a brother for Heath so much…Reed is adorable and happy birthday to him!!

Rachel Loth - I cant believe he is one already, wow! And he looks like Carter so much too. Very sweet post :)

Joy - Reaching for a tissue… What a sweet baby boy, and such sweet words from his mommy. I love the month by month capture. Well done.

Tracie - That was soooooo sweet, I am sure he will cherish every word when he is older!
Happy birthday to Reed. Can’t wait to see those sweet cake pictures!

Heather - Happy Birthday Reed! It’s been so fun watching you grow!

Danielle - Awwww. So so sweet! My little one turns one next week and I can totally relate to the open mouth kisses! So slobbery but so adorable! I love the series of pictures you took to document growth. Love your photography. Such a cute little boy you have!

Lacey - I love your progression photos!! Such a cute idea! Happy Birthday to your little guy!

Emily - I’ve followed your blog for a while so it has been really fun to watch Reed’s first year! Hope he had a very happy birthday! I love what you’ve done to document his first year…it really goes way too fast and it’s so easy to forget as the time goes on. My daughter just celebrated her 1st birthday last month and I’m constantly reeling from how fast my 3 kids are growing up!

Brenda Fitzgerald - How beautiful you have written this letter for Reed!!! One day he will treasure this!!!! I had so much fun today at my precious little grandson’s birthday. Reed is just the sweetest little guy ever!!! His Mimi loves him and those sweet open mouth kissess so much. Those sweet little smiles that he gives now just melts my heart every time!!!! Thank you Amber and Hugh for giving me two precious grandsons whom I adore!!! Mom

Lauren - Happy Birthday Reed!

I have no idea how I missed the fact that Reed was born exactly one year after Alex! …and now we share the date with Raina.

Thank you for sharing Reed with us and bringing Raina to our attention. The experience of being part of her journey has changed me forever and I have you to thank for it.

~ Lauren

Silvina B. - What a sweet sweet post! He’s absolutely adorable Amber, you’re one lucky momma :)

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