Day 8 | Virginia Newborn Photography

Loved this little guy! 8 days old with a FULL head of hair!

I mean seriously, is he not one of the cutest newborns you’ve ever seen?!

Congratulations G fam, he’s perfect!!

JuliP - that last picture is absolutely delightful. I am in love with the hair. beautiful baby.

Silvina B. - Beautiful work as always, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair!!!

Laurie - Those are awesome!! LOVE the last shot and the bucket shot, amazing work!

Jaidean - Oh gosh…his hair is awesome! Love it! These are beautiful!

Kimberly - Wow – what a cutie! The middle two images are some of my favorites from you ever. Sweet Perfection.

Lauren - OMG…that last picture really grabs you! What a cutie. I love, Love, LOVE all that hair!

S. Nichole - What a beautiful baby boy! Love the last photo.

Joanne Dzubak - He is a beautiful baby Amanda!!!

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