10 Days New | Virginia Newborn Photographer

Today I met this adorable 10 day old peanut…

At almost 6 pounds she was seriously the best newborn model ever. She slept so well and was like a little real life baby doll.

She has a big brother who is so good with her and who could be a child model himself.

Such a beautiful little newborn.:-)

Congrats again you guys, it was great hanging out with you all today!

Beth P - Gorgeous as always! I LOVE that green hat with the brown bow! What a beautiful baby.

Wendy - OMG Amber! Her older brother is absolutely gorgeous!He should definitely model…WOW!

Alex - Great Job Amber!!!!! My Cousin looks beautiful! You did an AMAZING job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sharon Baronoff - These pictures are better than any Ann Gedd es I have ever seen. The reason, no doubt, is the incredibly gorgeous children in the pictures. Mazel Tov to Mom and Dad and big brother and to two of the sweetest Grandparents I know, Pam and Bruce. Love to all,
Sharon and Jay Baronoff

Marilyn and Jerry Wilck - Magnificent photos and children.We can’t wait to meet the little beauty in person. Mazel Tov to all.

Tanya - Jocelyn, these photos are so amazing! They magically capture the soft preciousness of newborns. And Oliver is so incredibly handsom/beautiful! I can’t wait to meet/hold her. I need to book the photographer for a session with the girls!

Peter Katz - Jocelyn

belated congrats–you have beautiful children.

Peter Katz (your cousin)

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