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Raina recently turned one and today we were blessed with a beautiful, warm day to capture her and her family.

Miss Raina is spunky, beautiful, and fun. She has a smile so infectious that you can’t help but smile right along with her.

She’s feisty, just as any redhead should be.

She is surrounded by lots and lots of friends and family that love her.

She is also battling an agressive form of brain cancer called AT/RT.

Raina is a strong little girl and I know she will fight this, she has thousands cheering for her in her corner.

Please think of and pray for Raina and her beautiful family as they embark on a journey that no parent should have to take.

Her parents keep two blogs, one with fun and adorable photos of Miss Raina here, and another about her medical treatment here. If anyone has been through this or knows someone who has, I’m sure they would love to hear from you.

Raina, I’m so honored to have met you and your loving family today, you are an awesome little girl!

Amanda - Beautiful little girl and she’ll be in my prayers! You can see in her eyes that she’s a fighter. She’ll beat this – I know it.

Jennifer Mauren - many many prayers to sweet Raina and her family!

Julie Wagoner - Raina is beautiful and I am keeping her family in my prayers!

petula - what a beautiful little girl! she and her family will be in my prayers always.

Kristina - Amber, these are insanely beautiful. I just read their blog and my heart breaks for them in a million pieces. They will be in my thoughts and prayers for a long time.

Jenna - WOW so beautiful! Amber your talent is amazing! They will be in my prayers tonight!

Danie - Super special photos, even without the back story. Beautifully written post, too.

Jason - Amber-
Thank you for your kind words. We will always be grateful that you found the time to photograph Raina with so little notice.

The pictures are amazing. I cannot express how much it means to us to see these shots of Raina on the eve of another surgery.

Danielle Hobbs - Beautiful family – and beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing. I will save their page and continue to pray for strength and healing.

Beira - I have tears in my eyes. What a beautiful little girl! What a beautiful family! My prayers go out to them for healing and strength.

anna - beautiful family, adrling little girl … will keep them in my prayers

Bridget - Bless her sweet heart.. Many prayers for her & her family ?

karen halbert - Amber, what a gorgeous baby girl! Prayers are coming her way from TN! I know they are especially grateful to receive these beautiful images during this challenging time! Go Raina!

Jenn S - What a beautiful baby girl. And these images capture not just how absolutely adorable she is, but also how loved! She’s got even more people thinking wonderful things for her thanks to you. <3 Our hearts are with you, Raina!

jenny - beautiful. what an amazing little girl. with amazing parents. gorgeous images, amber!

Kimberly - Beautiful session. I will pray for her and her family.

Kara Layfield - Prayers and thoughts coming her way!! She’s such a doll!! I adore the shots with Mom and Dad just so much!

Nicole - Oh my, I am so sad to hear about this news. I will pray for Raina and her family. God’s hand is on her and He will see her through this. God Bless you and your family Raina.

Kari Wright - I said a prayer for sweet Raina and her family. God bless you all.

Emily - This brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful pictures. Prayers for beautiful Raina!

Yvonne - Adorable! I love the one of her walking with her parents and looking back at you. Too cute.

Lesli - Amber, this is the type of cancer Declan Carmical had his family are dear friends of mine and have started a foundation Journey 4 a cure.
I would love to put Sherri and Raina’s family in touch.
Lesli Malone

Jenna Unruh - Gorgeous images. The ones of the three of them are my favorite. What a gift you gave them!

Lauren - Amber – your pictures of Raina are beautiful. Thank you for bringing her fight to our attention so that we can all include her in our thoughts and prayers. The power of positive vibes has frequently turned the impossible in to the possible and I hope and pray that is the case here.

Shannon Cirella - I am blessed to have this family as a part of my life. They are as beautiful inside as they are outside. I love all of you and you all are in my prayers everyday!

Silvina B. - Oh my goodness what a BEAUTIFUL family!!! Sending lots of good thoughts their way….best of luck with everything!! XXXX

Martine Twigg - I am sending prayers to Raina and her family, this is especially hard because I work at the daycare she came to. I adore her and will continue to pray for her and her family. The pictures are stunning!!!!

Santina - I am sending this prayer to Raina and her family in hopes that it will bring some peace and comfort during these trying times…

God our Father, walk through our house and take away all our worries and illnesses
and please watch over and heal Raina, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

I will keep your beautiful little girl in my daily prayers.

Danielle - BEAUTIFUL…JUST BEAUTIFUL! Raina’s vibrant spirit is so evident in these photos. Your courage and love is an inspiration to all.
XOXO Danielle

Shauna Ploeger - My thoughts and prayers go out to them. May God bless them.

Christine - Raina is a beautiful baby girl. Saying my prayers for her and her family.

Cheryl - I am sending loving thoughts to you all. Raina ia a beautiful child. The photos are exquisite.

Nicole - What a precious, beautiful little girl. Her and her family are in my prayers!

Bernadette U - What a beautiful and strong family. These images are absolutely lovely. I am sending prayers for Raina and her loving family.

Elizabeth Desiree - I know your sister. She told me about your daughter. I am painting a picture for her. Sending Love.

Erin Gaeng - I wanted to of course repeat all of what has been said before- she is just beautiful, they are just beautiful, and the story is something that unfortunately is just so ugly. You did such an amazing job capturing this little girl’s spirit…. Thank you for sharing their story with us and directing us to her blog. I am an avid follower now of not just your updates, but there’s as well!

Erin Gaeng - I will mirror everything said prior to my comment- what a beautiful girl, what a gorgeous family, and what a sad story with what they are up against. You did such a lovely job photographing them together, and really an awesome job at capturing that little girl’s spirit. Thank you for sharing their story, I now follow not just your blog daily, but there’s as well!

Margaret - Raina, Jason, Courtney, Sue, Jared,

We think of you often – thank you for sharing these beautiful photographs of Raina & family.

All the best with love, Margaret & Gerhard

Sharon Sheldon - Dear Raina, Courtney and Jason,

What a joy to view these lovely family photos! I have been following Raina’s blog and your parents blog and keep you in my prayers. Stay strong and hopeful! Much love, Aunt Sharon

Elizabeth Desiree - RIP Raina. xo

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