Three is the magic number | Virginia Baby Photographer

Today I had the pleasure of seeing Miss A again as she turns 3 years old! I can’t believe I haven’t photographed her since 2008, she has grown so much! Not only that but she also has a new baby brother AND sister who are now 3 months old. With a toddler and infant twins you would think things would be crazy but all three of the kids were so well behaved for the photo shoot. I got SO many favorites today!

Big sis with her babies, I adore this photo.

This is Mr. N, he’s the sweetest and happiest little guy.

Here is twin sis J, raise your hand if you’re adorable!

I either said something very funny or I stink.;-)I love making toddlers giggle.

The new kids on the block. How gorgeous are these two babies???!!!!

Pretty as a flower. Sorry, I had to.

Kathy - Beautiful!! I adore your style.

Liz - Beautiful! So many great shots! You make it look easy!

April - You are the master of newborn photos! I am absolutely in love with that second shot! So cute!

Becky - That first one screams for a big canvas!!!

Ro - love that one of the lil gal giggling ~ adorable.

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