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I have mad respect for people who can hold out on finding out their babies gender until delivery day. I am no one of those people, if I could find out the second I become pregnant, I would. The fact that we have to wait until June 10th is killing me.

Remember this adorable family? Their little surprise is a baby girl! Today I met her on day 12 and she most definitely put up a fight, it took me 3 hours to get her to sleep and once she was out we had about 20 minutes to get some sleepy shots before her doctor’s appointment. Once she was asleep she was a dream, I guess she just didn’t want to miss any action!

You would never guess this sweet little cupcake…

Was wiiiide awake just like this for most of the time today.

And that is just fine b/c she’s so darn cute!

And we have to have a shot with big sis!

Congratulations M family, you guys make gorgeous baby girls!!

Lori - Beautiful Amber! What a sweet baby girl. Love the sisters shot. I know the family will LOVE these!!

Laura - Beautiful work! Looks like you did good with your 20 minute sleep window. I hope June 10th comes quickly for you and you get what you are dreaming of. :-) *

Liz - Awesome work as usual Amber! I love that little cupcake hat! Love the awake shot too!

Liz - Absolutely perfect! I love these!

Leah Jent - Great work, Amber! I love her little toes in that third photo!

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