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What makes a good photographer?

I’m sure if you are doing your research on who to take your baby, child, or family’s photographs you have been inundated with lots of pretty logos and flashy websites. I think it’s VERY important to really think through and research who you are choosing before you do so. Your child is NOT going to be a newborn, or a smiley 6 month old for long so make sure you make the right choice when selecting your photographer because you don’t get a redo!

My friend Amy, from Amy Ro Photography covered this topic VERY well so please go read her blog post.

There are a LOT of photographers out there to choose from, make sure you choose a GOOD one because your memories are priceless.

Jess - But what do you do when your options are limited? For every blog I follow, I fall in love with different photography styles. The problem? I live in Spartanburg, SC. I can’t afford to fly out to Orange Co. California to get the photographers I really want! If only Virgina was closer! :)

Cathy Luke - I LOVE your photography and I agree with you completely! I think it takes a true appreciation of photography though to really grasp the concept though. Photography is my hobby, although I’m pretty serious about it! But I always strive to capture each moment better…. while all my friends don’t understand why I take such time and care with all my pictures. They have a “good enough” kind of mentality that drives me nuts! Some people think that any snapshot is enough to remember that moment by, but your photography is a work of art! It’s not always about the general stage of life – it’s about the details! The hands, the feet, the little eyelashes… all taken in crystal clarity, preserved beautifully forever! Thanks for your blog, I love it!

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