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My good friend and fellow photographer Amy of Amy Ro Photography up in Rhode Island did an awesome post on wall prints, you can read it here. She did a fabulous job of showing you how different sizes look on the walls but I just wanted to touch on it as well.

My goal as a photographer is to have my art on your walls. I know it’s stressful when you sit down to order your prints but next time you, do think BIGGER. I used to think that an 8×10 was a wall photo but it most definitely is not. An 8×10 is a desk print and belongs there unless you are grouping it together with other various sizes. One of my clients has an awesome photo wall and after our last session I had to snap a photo of it:


What you see here is a beautiful 16×24 Gallery Wrapped Canvas in the center and around that you see an 11×14 framed (upper left in photo) as well as some 8×10′s and smaller framed. The smaller prints look nice here because they are grouped around the centerpiece of the wall which is the canvas. I love the mix and match look of this wall and the great thing is that they will add to it as their son grows up!

Another client of mine purchased an 11×14 Gallery Wrapped Canvas from each of our sessions for her son’s first year and made a nice modern display out of them:


I think this is an awesome way to display your baby’s first year since they change SO much!

Now here we have my house which is a work in progress. I decided to do 16×20 stand outs above the couch in my family room, right now it looks like this:
(okay the emphasis here is family room so excuse all of the toys and clutter)


That is 3 of my favorite photos of Carter from this past year. Here’s another view with a bonus shot of our dogs and more toys!


In the next couple weeks I’m going to add 3 more stand outs with newer photos including a rare family shot so it will look like this:


I’ll re-hang all of the photos and organize them differently but you get the idea. So it takes 6 16×20′s to really fill the wall and I could have even gone BIGGER.

And this is a horrible shot of my work space, that is 2 16×20′s and 4 11×14′s. I wanted a whole wall of black and white photos for my office and will be adding more soon.


You get the idea though, can you imagine how tiny an 8×10 would look? Bigger really IS better!

And a quick shot of my dogs, I don’t think I’ve shared photos of them in AGES. This is Sumo, he’s a half boxer and half bulldog (we think). He enjoys pestering me for food all day, barking at the UPS and Fed Ex guy, eating Carter’s toys, and going for long walks in the park.


Tira J - Thanks for sharing Amber! It is really nice to see the different walls. I try to encourage my clients to go big as well. Once we configure a new space in our home, I plan to fill one of the walls with some huge images. Your son is a cutie pie!

erin s. - I love this post! It is so helpful to see the sizes on the wall. It inspires me to print and hang more of my own personal photographs. :) By the way, the recent updates to the website and blog look awesome! Great job!

Lisa Lotter - Thank you for this post. This is something I say I am going to do and never do it. You are an inspiration. Your work is beautiful, btw.

mary - I love your work and check your blog regularly. I’m wanting to have some canvases made from pics I took this summer. Do you have a website/business you like to use for canvases? Thanks for the help!

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