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Today was a special day. Three of my favorite clients are all friends who met while in college at the University of Virginia. Back this summer, we were talking about fall sessions and how beautiful it is down in Charlottesville during this time of year so we made plans!

Now being that I’m a die hard Virginia Tech fan and graduated from there, UVA is definitely NOT my favorite school. I put the rivalry behind me and enjoyed the beauty of the grounds of their campus today while shooting these three beautiful families.

Here are just a few quick favorites from each session, I am not going to lie, I’m BEAT!

I met this first family back in March and I can’t believe how big the girls have gotten since then!


Love everything about this family shot. It was taken on The Lawn of UVA’s campus which is the center of the campus and holds a LOT of history.

Second we have sweet little G, I met him when he was only 5 days old back in January! So needless to say he has changed a TON and looks just like a little cabbage patch doll.



And finally Miss B, we just had her 6 month session back in July. I can’t believe how fast her first year is flying by!

UVA is steep with history and these columns along The Lawn are SO UVA.


And the fall color down there is just insanely gorgeous.

kris allbright - These images are incredible. No wonder you are beat.. I have to tell you I absolutely love your work. You are a true artist.. Thanks for sharing…

Amy - Beautiful!!!! I graduated from UVa and would have loved family pics there. It’s so beautiful this time of year! You did an awesome job as usual! Would love to see more!

Jenna - GORGEOUS fall colors! What a beautiful three sessions. You are so very talented. Love visiting your blog.

Angie Brement - Looks like you had some great sessions down here in C’Ville!

"Auntie" Alida - These pictures are just incredible. They make a lovely campus even more lovely. I went to Mary Washington way back in the late 40′s and it was always such a treat to get to the UVA campus way back then. You certainly picked great backdrops.

Grandma Polk - Wow. I know all the parents and some of the kids, but they all look more remarkable than I could have believed in just one day’s sitting. No one crying or fussy – what amazing little ones and what an amazing photographer. Grandma Polk

Ardith Sue Polk - I was unable to order the pictures of Gabe Polk and his mommy and daddy (Dan and CLaire) from the UVA photographs that you took. I didn’t get it until 5 days before it went off the Little Moon Site. How do I get to see those pictures so that I can order them (we were out of town part of the week they were up in NYC).

THanks for your help.

Ardith Polk (the grandma)

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